2009 has been pretty huge for Jay-Z: he turned 40, he went independent, his protégé Rihanna and collaborator Kanye had their own rise in fame(scandals included). And last but not least, he also made what was supposed to be a comeback album, The Blueprint 3.

Despite some criticism, Jay’s latest has taken over the airwaves, with the popular song being “Empire State of Mind” being blasted from Brooklyn to Miami to Berlin and even naming it the unofficial Yankees anthem and even the new “New York, New York.”

Tonight, Jigga Man himself rang in the New Year with Rihanna on Carson Daly’s New Year’s Eve spectacular.  In addition to JAY-Z’s New Year’s Eve performance, fans got treated to the first video of the decade with the exclusive world premiere of his highly anticipated music video , “On To The Next One,” from The Blueprint 3 album featuring Swizz Beatz.

“I’m in Mason…(Ah!)…Martin Margiela.”

The gap was a meditated space, that may denote double speak/ entendre . It could mean, I’m a mason and I wear Dutch clothing… Or to the normal listener, is just Jay-z’s use of rhythm or “flow.”

“Its the return of the “god”, peace god (ah!, ah!)

Why is he pausing at these lines and not anywhere else in that song, with the (ah!) moment

Its the return of the god? So im guessing jay hova is referring to himself and peace god is referring to who? The bible “god”?

The Images in Jay-z new video represented Sodom and Gomorrah of the bible and the fall of Rome.

When decadence and utter lunacy reigns a nation, is sure sign of the impending collapse.

I hate to be a doomsayer, but one hell of the signs of the times of a collapse of a nation, is the looting of the treasury by the ones in power


So did Jay-z have his director f**k with the minds of the conspiracy theorists or is s**t gettin real now?

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