Odd Future’s Cover Story In Billboard

We saw the cover yesterday, here’s the full cover story written by Andrew Nosnitskyon the group OFWGKTA. As Tyler, The Creator cites Pharrell Williams as a hero, the guys over at BBC drop this photo above of Tyler and Left Brain in studio with The Neptunes.

Tyler, a skinny 19-year-old with a booming voice and a slightly gapped overbite, sits cross-legged on an unmade bed sheet in a Philadelphia hotel room. Over a tray of cinnamon sticks and a half-closed MacBook he gushes about his dreams (winning a Grammy Award) and heroes (Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes).

Of course, Internet fame is notoriously fickle when translated into the real world. Odd Future has sold out every show it has put on, but they’ve all been small venues in large markets. It’s still hard to say what percentage of the 2.5 million people who have watched the “Yonkers” clip were simply rubbernecking on the shock and buzz highway. It’s also hard to expect roach-eating to connect across demographics. But the numbers will speak when “Goblin” drops. “I could be a complete failure come June,” Tyler says. ” ‘Goblin’ could brick. Everyone could hate it. The hype could be over. I could be back to trying to fill out junior college [applications].” Then he snaps back into dreamer mode. “But I don’t see that happening. I see Grammys.”

You can catch the full cover story at Billboard.

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