***GWI NEWS*** Wall Street Trader Falls From Apartment

A Wall Street trader and father of three fell to his [rip] from his fifth-floor Upper East Side apartment, authorities said Monday.

Keith Mastronardi, 31, was discovered dead about 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the courtyard behind his building on E.74th St. between First and Second Aves., police said.

Investigators said his [rip] appears to be an accident.

An attendant at a neighboring parking lot said he was startled by the sound of Mastronardi hitting the ground and went running for cover.

“I heard a loud bang from the back,” Joe Gomez said. “It sounded like a b0mb – very hard. I never heard something like that before.”

Martronardi dealt in exotic derivatives for the firm Vyapar Capital Market Partners.

Gomez said Mastronardi and his children were a fixture in the neighborhood.

“I’d see him passing by with the kids all the time and say hi,” Gomez said. “He had three kids.

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