[Get Wit It Allstar] Demi Lobo- Wonderland

Get Wit It was introduced to Demi Lobo… she has the talent, look, personality and drive that it takes to make it in the music scene. Aside from music, which has been in her blood since the age of 4, Demi is also a songwriter, poet, actress and motivational figure. From church choir to ‘Best Actress’ in National Pageant to endless talent/ showcases, Demi has made an image for herself in her hometown Chicago. She has been nicknamed ‘The Pop Princess of Chicago’ and we can vouche she is nothing short of that. With  American Idol, Americas Got Talent and even BET performances, Demi still has her mind set on her goal of becoming the next big POP star in the WORLD. You can get with Demi by tuning into her Satellite Radio show, and if your fortunate enough to be in the next city she is performing…be sure to GET WIT HER….she WILL be the NEXT POP star.

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