J-Lo Spotted wit Diddy after separation from Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez may be one of Hollywood’s most famous serial monogamists. After three marriages,

and a few long term, high profile relationships such as Ben Affleck, and Sean (P Diddy) Combs; it’s

clear the Latin songstress is not one to stay single for long.However, if reports are true that Lopez

was recently spotted in New York having an intimate dinner with ex boyfriend Sean Combs, she may well

be on her way to breaking a personal record regarding single time between relationships.

MediaTakeout.com is alleging that Lopez was seen having dinner with Combs in NY July 27, 2011. An

eyewitness, who reportedly noticed the pair at Phillipe Chow, informed the site; “Diddy came in quickly and immediately went to the private area . . . about 20 minutes later J Lo went in.

I was in shock.” However, given that Jennifer was also on set in Atlanta filming What To Expect the same day, it may be a bit

of a stretch to envision her jetting off to NY later that evening to dine with Combs.

Although Combs and Lopez previously dated for over three years, their relationship publicly imploded amidst

media speculation surrounding Comb’s involvement with a shooting incident in a popular NY club. Could it have been a case of mistaken identity? In any case, one thing is clear, Jennifer Lopez”s love

interest are often fleeting and fickle; so if Puffy is interested he better act fast because Lopez isn’t

likely to stay single for long.


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