Bowie State University student stabbed over iPod

In the midst of  Homecoming and the beginning of her birthday celebration, Bowie State University student  Dominique Frazier was stabbed Thursday night. The stabbing occurred in the late evening, during which time Dominique and some peers were prepping for a comedy show, this would be the beginning to her September 18th birthday celebrations. With her I-POD playing aloud, room mate Alexis Simpson, turned the music off, resulting in some confrontation.

Witnesses say some of the girls Dominique was with pushed Alexis to her room. At which point, already infuriated, Alexis made her way to Dominique’s room door, and when it was opened  she stabbed Dominique in the neck.

According to the charging documents, after the stabbing occured, Alexis Simspon said “I didn’t mean to do it,” “You all don’t know what I’ve been thru.. You all jumped me.”. This young student, was announced dead within 45mins of the incident at the hospital. Alexis Simpson, who fled the school, turned herself in by midnight, insisting she ‘didn’t mean to do it’.
A memorial was held for the young 2nd year college student, as Alexis is awaiting her court appearance set for Monday.

A twitter memorial page has also been created for Dominique Frazier @MsBonnieRIP.


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  1. LP-upper marlboro says:

    This altercation should have ended when Alexis was in her room with the door closed. Md law states that you may not use lethal force if lethal force wasn’t applied to you, also that if your able to retreat you should do so. No she retreated for a knife. She felt uncomfortable because Dominique was gay, well she’s not changing her lifestyle for her roommate. Now murder in the first degree 25-life hopeful for no parole. Her lawyer would have been better off with crime of passion. RIP beautiful soul, prayers for her mother, family and friends. Prayers for the accused admitted murderer and her family and friends. This has touched so many.

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