Method Man mention Tyler the Creator

Method Man shocked the world with his recent Sour Patch Kids music video/commercial, “World Gone Sour.” Sure, die hard Wu fans had a lot to say but honestly the song is pretty good. I was recently blessed the opportunity to interview Mef about his upcoming projects. To my suprise, he named Tyler, the Creator as one of the producers who he really wants to work with. He doesn’t agree with the Odd Future x Wu-Tang comparisons but is a fan of the group’s work, especially Tyler’s.

“I don’t see any similarities, as far as the movement, maybe. but I don’t see any similarities because some of the shit they talk about,” said the Staten Island native. “The shit we use to talk about was 5% Nation of Islam, Gods and Earth…you know ‘block shit.’ Let them do them and I enjoy them. I’m not going to lie. And yes I do know more than just one song that they’ve done. Some of these people on Youtube and shit, they’re fucking incredible with their comments.” (via VIBE)

“Right now I want to get that kid from Odd Future, Tyler, The CreatorI just want to hear some of the shit he got. He’s in that vain that I like as far as beats go,” Meth told




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