What inspired Drake’s ‘Take Care’


Drake’s Take Care is an album that can give a critic a headache. That’s not only because of how obvious it is that whatever one chooses to say about Take Care doesn’t matter in the faintest – the album has been a huge deal since its title was announced – but because the album is inscrutable, a glistening sports car with tinted windows and building-rattling bass, blazing past and leaving you gawking in its wake. Compared with last year’s equally opulent My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasywhich not only invited the listener deep into the warped lap of luxury but treated us as if we belonged there, as if we could identify with the foibles of porn-star-chasing and transatlantic private jetflights– Take Care would rather give us the roped-off house tour. On Take Care, a rapper supposedly notable for reintroducing emotion to hip-hop plays it pretty close to the sweatered chest. The paradox is captured in the title’s almost-clever title, both a description for loving someone and a shorthand for “See you later.”

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