kNERO’s Lucky ‘5 19’ EP cover leaks

Word has gotten around that solo unsigned artist kNERO will be dropping an EP. Anticipation of the date has us on seat edges. As recognized by American Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Q-tip, “kNERO brings execution”. The curiosity of the meaning behind the title itself has aroused questions. What exactly is Lucky 519? What does that represent? We do know one thing, with all the talk and hype, that better not be the drop date. Some talk of particular features has circulated. A brief disclosure of some
expected artists include an undisclosed legendary Wu-Tang member, as well as a newly signed Pitbull’s artist. Lucky *519* is said to also be hosted by Hot97 DJ Drewski. This is something you definitely wanna keep a look out for. Stay close, and
we’ll keep you guys updated with any and all of the latest buzz on kNERO’s
upcoming EP.



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