Amber Rose speaks about Kanye West’s “Too Cold” aka ““Theraflu” track

What’s the status of her music career?

I’ve been approached by a label already and I’m just going to do it when it’s fun. I got engaged, so my priorities kind of changed a little but I’m going to make music when it’s fun. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to do an entire album now because I don’t want to put out music then it’s like, “Oh, now you have to go do a lot of shows” and by that time me and Wiz want to have kids and stuff like that. My priorities have definitely changed.

Is video modeling a dead end?

Well, obviously it’s not a dead end because I’m still around.

Her thoughts on Kanye’s “Theraflu”:

What did I think about the song? I don’t know Kanye as a person anymore. I don’t know him anymore; it’s been almost two years. At first, I didn’t understand what is he trying to say but I think I took it as a positive at the end and I feel like it’s cool. He respects Wiz as he should and I respect his decisions. I think people fail to realize that Kanye, he’s just my ex-boyfriend. We weren’t married. We didn’t have children together. We both moved on with our lives and it seems like we’re both really happy

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