Lil Kim Slay Nicki Minaj On Twitter

Kim and Foxy Brown still have a lot of bad blood between them, so the Queen B took to Twitter and voiced her opinion.

“Hot damn ho here we go again. Monkey see monkey do. I heard the haters are joining forces against the Queen. Have a great show!!! Break a leg!!!! Hahahaha!!!! My love for the female hip hop movement has always been genuine,

” Lil Kim tweeted. “All the females I’ve been bringing out recently I have love for. If u see anybody else doing it … Its not genuine … Know it’s only to copy and compete with me. For those of u who have been brainwashed by the fraud …Let’s open our eyes now people …the clone is not bringing ladies out for the luv. It’s strictly because I’m doing it ! :) Love u Team Kim and all my fans across the world ..they’ll believe one day very soon !!”

Do you think Lil Kim is correct and Nicki Minaj is trying to clone her style? Rappers have been bringing rappers out on their set since the beginning of time … glad to know Lil Kim invented th

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