Popular Dj In Harrisburg Arrested For Home Invasions & Performing Oral Sex On Sleeping Men

Harrisburg man has been arrested after he performed several secks[..]aults on men while they slept in bed.

Dajuan Porter was arrested and charged for numerous incidents, and this is not the first time he has been arrested. The list of offenses is shocking.

On May 1, 2011, a Midtown Harrisburg man woke up to a man performing oral secks on him. The man had climbed a fire escape and forced his way into the home.

In April of 2012, another man reported that he went to the suspect’s home after a gathering and when he woke up later in the evening, the man was performing oral secks on him.

Then last month, a man went to a party and fell asleep after partying and drinking a little. He awoke in the early morning to a man performing oral secks on him.

Porter was taken into custody Wednesday morning and charged with three counts of involuntary deviate secksual intercourse, three counts of secksual[..]ault and burglary.

Porter has been arrested for similar crimes before. Last year, he was charged in Worcester County, Maryland for secksually[..]aulting his cell mate in prison while he was sleeping.

Porter has reportedly worked at various restaurants and as a disc jockey. According to police, ‘he has been very social and quite active.’

It is believed that there may be a number of other victims in this case. Anyone who was a victim is to call police.

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