New Jersey seem to be the most slept on market in the business from rappers, dancers and etc but jersey gave birth to a lot of stars in the past. New jersey also throws the some of the livest parties in the Tri-States thanks to one of the Jersey best kept secrets {VEETO WILLIAMS}

GWI- Hey Mr. Busy, Umm I’m mean Mr. Williams {smiling}. How’s life treating you?

Veeto- Im doing alright. I’m blessed. God has had his eye on me and and hasnt turned away since. =)
GWI- That’s good, we’ve been following you so we’ve seen the joy that comes from your hard work. How long have you been in the game of club promoting?

Veeto- Well collectively I’ve been in this business for about 3 yrs. I started out with a promotional group known as THE BREAKFAST CLUB. After a very successful year with them, I learned a lot and felt it was time to branch off. So the birth of VEETO WILLIAMS PROMOTIONS started March 4, 2008.

GWI- That’s grinding!! You’ve accomplish a lot in so little time. What was the worst experience you’ve had in your career that most promoters go through?

Veeto- My worst experience??? Hmmm…. Id have to say a year ago I had a huge party planned. A lot of birthday parties booked for that same night. Expected over a 1,000 in attendance. I gave my promotion my all & mother nature sh*ted on me!! lmao.. Straight BLIZZARD!!! Club didnt even open. Alot of unhappy people. Thats one thing that us promoters have to always factor in. WEATHER! It wont always work in your favor but as long as you can bounce back then the battle is never lost!
GWI-The greatest experience? And what you learned from both?

Veeto- My greatest experience I’d have to say was when I met Sean “DIDDY” Combs.. It was so surreal. To me he’s the best party thrower for the stars so it was like meeting an Idol. Someone who’s level i aspire to be on one day. To have the opportunity to promote an event he was hosting and to meet him was an honor. I still remember what her said. He said “Thanks for making a MOVIE for me tonight”.. lol. I think the mutual lesson I learned from both is that God works in mysterious ways. The future isn’t promised but when he’s ready to give you ya blessing always be ready.
GWI- What made you decide to start promoting for these clubs?

Veeto- Well I was approached by a friend who so that I partied a lot and he asked how would feel about getting paid to party. To me it was a no brainer.. lol.. I actually went from liking it to loving it.. The people, the dj’s, the music, the nightlife. Just everything about it drives me to do better!

GWI- Can promoting be a form of having fame, groupies and etc? Or in other word s “being a celebrity”?

Veeto- I’d like to think so. You will have people who cling to you because they feel being associated with you will help or benefit them. (free admission, meeting celebs, free drinks etc) That is when you have to decern who’s real and who’s not. There is fame involved but just like the real celebs, when fame is involved then you’re always being watched. People start to expect a lot from you so its kinda like the gift & the curse.. But I’ve learned to never let the so called limelight define who I am. I’m a real person at the end of the day. My happiness must come before everyone elses. Cause in this business a lot of people are expecting you to keep them happy. To give them what they want when they want it. Your best is all you have to give but even that sometimes aint enough for some people. smh

GWI-From all the celebs you have met, who left you struck and why?

Veeto- Again i would have to say DIDDY. I mean C’mon son.. You got Puff at ya party popping bottles you might be doing something right. lol

GWI-Theres a lot of Jersey promoters that have put years in the promoting game. Who do you respect and take advise from and why?

Veeto- I would say I always looked up to my big bro Sheem of SHEEM ENTERPRISES.. I mean he threw some of the best parties in NJ.. He always pushed me and told me I had way more potential then what i was actually putting out. I also always respect and admired advice that a good friend of mine Marques “750” Ponder of THE LEAGUE always gave me. He also helped me find the spot where I threw my very first solo party back in 2008. Lastly I would have to say my good friend BIG PREV of BP ENT. He also provided me with a lot of advice and also helped me find location to host events when club owners were giving me a difficult time. I know you asked for only one but there have been too many influential people in my career and it would be selfish of me not to recognize them as i am being recognized.

GWI- Knowing that you’re of Haitian descent, How are you coping with the Tragedy? Do you have family members in need for help and how are you helping?

Veeto-My family is doing well now. We were at a standstill at first when we weren’t able to get in contact with our family members. But God smiled down on us and protected my family. My family and I have made countless donations to help the efforts and the speedy recovery of damaged country. But through faith all things are possible.

GWI- What are your goals? To be the best promoter out of New Jersey or do you have bigger plans?

Veeto- Naturally one of my goals would be to be the best at what I do. Ultimately the goal is to own my own nightclub.. To be able to have a club that I could call my own. Then I can truly say I made it.

GWI-DOPE!!!! It was a pleasure and we’ll see you soon.
If you’re in the Jersey area and want to have a great nite out: Contact Veeto on his facebook for more info



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  1. Jada Belvin says:

    Great Job Veeto Williams. All the hard word is paying off. Not only are you a great promoter, but a great person as well. Keep doing what you do and God will handle the rest. I’m waiting on that club to open up too. When I hit the mega million, you’re in there homie.lol

  2. Lauren Willi says:

    Impressive Veeto!! Congrats……your hard work does pay off!

  3. Debra Bradley says:

    Veeto u will make it believe me cause u deserve it. Keep ur head up even when it feel like the sky is impossible to touch at the time cause it’s closer than u think




  6. shawntia says:

    So proud of you.. Motivation and Faith will take you along way and you are a living testimony to that. Your ambition and drive is very impressing and throughout it all you are loved for the person within not the person you have become… But did I mention I’m so proud of you!

  7. squintdollaz says:

    Hardwork pays off RIGHT

  8. Earline BG says:

    Vee – Awesome job!!! I’m so proud of your great work – Please keep it up!!! Can’t wait to come to Vee’s boom boom room when it opens!!! 🙂

  9. Kayree Hamilton says:

    Veeto keep doing thang!

  10. Kayree Hamilton says:

    Veeto Keep Doin ya thang! You’re a good dude homie..excellent interview!

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