Future – March Madness Ft. Nas (Remix)


Nas makes a surprise appearance on Future’s “March Madness” remix.
Tonight’s episode of OVO Sound included a few exciting exclusives. Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” may have been the highlight, but one of the most surprising moments of the evening was when Nas began rapping over Future’s “March Madness.”

Being one of the biggest tracks of 2015, “March Madness” deserved a huge remix, but no Future fans would’ve expected one of the game’s most revered veterans to step up to the plate. Nas’ inspired rapping here proves there’s more continuity in hip-hop than conservative critics would like to admit.

Future’s raps like no one who was around during the height of Nas’ career, but that doesn’t mean the spirit is much different. Nas giving his stamp of approval on one of Future’s GOAT tracks unites two generations of hip-hop that are often seen in opposition to one another, and it’s about time.

And how good does the Queens legend sound on that Tarantino production?

“Nas pour Henny, Future pour dirty Sprite.”

Listen below:

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