Cancer Patient wish to see son’s baseball game in Hospital bed

WASHOUGAL, Wash. — It has been more than a year since Jim Orr was diagnosed with stage four melanoma.  Since then Orr has been in and out of hospitals for radiation and blood transfusions.

“Whenever my blood counts are low, they make me come back in,” said Orr.

It was during a trip to a radiation appointment, by ambulance, that Orr met EMT Della Bornman and paramedic Dan Carlton.

“I asked him if there was anything else we could do for him to make him more comfortable,” said Carlton.

“I said, ‘If you’re not doing anything after work, you can take me to my son’s game,'” added Orr.

Orr said he was joking, but the statement resonated with Carlton and his partner.

“We just thought it was important to make it happen for him just to make him happy, give him some sunshine in his day,” said Bornman.

Doctors were called and exceptions were made. It did not take long for Jim and his wife to load up in an ambulance for a surprise trip to a baseball diamond in Camas.

“I just cried because I knew how much it would mean to him, so it touched my heart,” said Blanca Orr.

When Jim and his wife arrived at the field, the game was stopped.

“It was pretty cool to see the kids get excited,” said Orr.

Things only got better.  Two innings into the game Jim’s son, Alex, walked to the plate.

“It was a really slow pitch–by my face–so I drilled it over in left field,” said Alex Orr.

Alex hit a home run.  He sprinted around the bases and did not stop until he reached his dad.

“He gave me a big hug and I said ‘Hey buddy, good job,'” said Orr.

“The emotions and feelings I took away from this incident were overwhelming,” added Carlton.

Nobody knows that overwhelming feeling more than Jim Orr.

“It was awesome,” said Orr.  “It was really cool.”

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