Punishment for Sexually Raped Children and Women

  In March 2014, members of the Mozambique National Assembly will deliberate on proposed recommendations to the new Criminal Code. The new bill contains an article which would enable rapists to escape prosecution by marrying their victim. The article provides for the suspension of criminal charges against a person accused of sexual offences if that person marries the victim... Read More

White Privilege African Americans Live With In America

White Privilege African Americans Live With In America

This was not a great week for white men. And what we may have learned is a lesson that should be obvious but is not always apparent with the media spotlight usually affixed on people of color and their poor choices or misfortunes. The lesson is that white men can succumb to drugs, even if they happen to be one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood; they can unravel and... Read More

Photographer Of The Obama Selfie During Nelson Mandela Memorial Speaks Out: ‘Her stern look was captured by chance’

It was the click heard round the world. Now the photographer who captured the picture of President Obama posing for a selfie during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service is speaking out, insisting Michelle Obama wasn’t upset at her husband’s display. “Photos can lie,” Roberto Schmidt, the AFP photographer responsible for the shot, wrote in a blog post “The story behind... Read More

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Oprah Over Obama, Race Comments

Rush Limbaugh attacked Oprah on Friday over her recent comments about President Obama and race. In a recent interview, Oprah was asked if Obama faces racism. She said that she believes “there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is African American.” She cited when Republican congressman... Read More

Liberia Burns $4 Million Worth of Marijuana

LiU.N., Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency officials destroy 30 kilograms of marijuana in Paynseville, near Monrovia, Nov. 15, 2013. Liberia’s Drug Enforcement Agency destroyed nearly 300 kilograms of marijuana Friday evening in a suburb of the country’s capital, Monrovia. Part of a new nationwide crackdown on drug traffickers, officials say the drugs were smuggled into the West... Read More

Obama Set To Pursue Diplomacy On Iran And Syria

President Obama said on Tuesday that Iran’s diplomatic overture in recent weeks could provide a foundation for an agreement on its nuclear program, but he warned that “conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable.” Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Obama sounded a cautiously optimistic tone about the prospects... Read More

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape Maybe The Most Important Rated X Film Ever (Video)

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape

Alyssa Milano, the girl I pined for in middle school on “Who’s the Boss?” is all grown up. She decided to make a sex tape. But then something got in the way of that. Something really smart. Watch video below:      Read More

Obama Seeking Congressional OK For Syria Action

With Obama struggling to gain international backing for a strike, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged him to reconsider his plans, saying he speaking to him not as a president but as the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize.   AP News: Delaying what had appeared to be an imminent strike, President Barack Obama abruptly announced Saturday he will seek congressional approval before... Read More

Obama Health Care Starts “The Mark Of The Beast” Aka RFID Chip In Wyoming

The “Obamacare” RFID chips are currently being given a test run on the proud and patriotic citizens of Hanna, Wyoming. Over the last two weeks a special piece of legislation has been passed making it mandatory for anyone who receives welfare, or any other form of government assistance to be implanted with these new identification chips. Even select government employees and officials... Read More

Kris Jenner Responds To President Obama’s Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Comment (Video)

It’s hard enough to believe that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are subjects that President Obama has to even think about in passing, let alone discuss during interviews, and yet they are. On Friday’s episode of her talk show “Kris,” Jenner responded to Obama’s critique of the over-the-top lives of West and Kardashian and the effect they have on... Read More

@MichelleObama Teams Up With Doug E Fresh, Matisyahu, Ashanti And More For Hip Hop Album

Obama had appeared in a music video with rapper Doug E. Fresh, singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks, and TV’s Dr. Oz in June. That song, “Everybody,” will be on the new album, due to be released September 30, which will feature hip-hop performers Monifah, J Rome, Artie Green, and Ryan Beatty. Celebrity guest appearances will include Matisyahu, Blink 182’s Travis Barker,... Read More

$40 billion Cut Over Decade To Food Stamps Program By Republicans

$40 billion cut over decade to food stamps program

Republicans to propose $40 billion cut over decade to food stamps program :NBC News House Republican leaders are to present a bill that would cut the food stamps program by $40 billion over 10 years, a move opposed by Democrats. Republicans say the program, whose enrollment soared after the 2008-09 recession, is unbearably expensive at $78 billion a year. Democrats such as Rep.... Read More

354% Of Whites Are More Likely To Be Justified Killing A Black Person In Stand Your Ground Law

On Saturday George Zimmerman, 29, was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17-year old-Trayvon Benjamin Martin. But he was not arrested for 44 days after the February 26, 2012, shooting as police in Sanford insisted that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law on self-defence prohibited them from bringing charges – Florida gives people... Read More

Luis V. Gutierrez Request A Congressional Hearing On George Zimmerman Verdict

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez wants a congressional hearing on how George Zimmerman could go free after shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. The Illinois Democrat sent a letter to Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, R-Va., on Monday requesting a hearing as soon as possible on “whether justice has been done, whether the underlying law is just, and whether federal legislation could... Read More