Dame Dash Talks With Sway About Being A Man, Kanye West, Jim Jones And Rumors Of Jay Z Being An Informant (Video)

Dame Dash Talks With Sway About Being A Man, Kanye West Rumors Of Jay Z Being An Informant (Video)

Whether he’s running Roc-A-Fella Records, producing films, or pursuing fashion, publishing, and independent record labels like DD172 and BluRoc, Damon Dash is entertaining. One part Martin Scorsese character, one part Nikki Barnes, Dame’s fast-talking, street-informed style has absolutely changed the face of the Hip-Hop culture over the last 20 years. Regardless of what anyone says, the Uptown entrepreneur came up, in a major way.

While he’s been on a recent media run of releasing an episode of his new film, Loisaidas, featuring some credits and support from Kanye West, Dame stopped through Sway In The Morning. Sway Calloway and Dame Dash have extensive history, which matters in this hour-plus segment, but like many fast-paced creatives, they apparently haven’t talked in a while.

Late for the interview, Dame brings cupcakes and his female partners Bianca Tran and Raquelle Horn, along with Smoke DZA, and even a Boston terrier. The music/film executive promptly tells his Wake Up Show friend that nothing is off the table, and throughout the next 75 minutes, Sway seizes the opportunity.

Watch video below:

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