GWI– So where you get the name “Chris White“?

Chris White- Actually i got the name from my friend chris smith i used to dance with him a couple years ago and i always called him chris brown because he looked like him but younger lol and he called me chris white and alot of people compared me to chris brown from my dancing so the name just stuck.

GWI– Where are from?

Chris White- Iselin nj but i tell everybody i live in woodbridge because they have no clue where iselin is lol.

GWI– Ok, another Jersey kid. New Jersey is on a come up. Tell us about your childhood, How was it?

Chris White- If i told you i had a great childhood i would be lying. in school i kept to myself alot and didnt have many friends.

GWI-When did u discover that you have the passion to dance?

Chris White- When i seen the lets get it video by p. diddy and saw the harlem shake for the first time. i knew thats what i wanted to do.

GWI-What is the first impression people get when they see you dance?  You have a swagg but it doesn’t come to mind that you’re a dancer.

Chris White- The first impression they get especially females is damn he can move and makes them approach me and ask if i can teach them how to dance. others think im cocky but im not im very humble and stay true to myself. or they think im a professional dancer

GWI– We noticed that you’re a sneaker fetish(laughing) what’s the hottest brand of sneaks out rite now in your opinion?

Chris White- I would have to say nike air yeezys but im a huge nike dunks fanatic.

GWI– You’re also a Dj Correct?

Chris White- Yes
GWI– I’ve never heard of a dancing Dj (lauging), where that come from, the inspiration?
Chris White- lol well i started djin at the age 15 with my brother and at all the parties i danced, and my brother yelled at me and told me your a dj stay behind the dj booth, you cant dance when you have your own business you can do what you want so when i got my own i did dance shows for all my parties and i was known as the one and only dancing dj in new jersey.
GWI– We do kNO that you work for a company call Blue Diamond, who started the company and what type of events do you Dj at?

Chris White- Yeah, its my own company i started it when i was 18. i dj alot of sweet 16s weddings anniversaries, birthdays, communions, bar mitzvahs/ bat mitzvahs , etc.

GWI– So it a family business, can’t go wrong with that I guess. So when you Dj give us a view of Chris White Dj’n, describe to us what goes down when you’re doing you thing?

Chris White- Some parties i dj are boring people just dont dance they just sit and conversate all night long. they should of just brought a small boombox. other parties people get wasted and make fools of themselves on the dance floor and have a great time. the senior ctizen parties the old geezers complain the music is to loud but they just have their hearing aids on loud i think lol. and when i do my dance shows at the parties i entertain everybody and they dont expect a dj that can dance and mostly at every party i get a tip.

GWI– How was the television show ” Dance Machine” experience?

Chris White- Dance machine was awesome. it was the best experience i had in my life. i was dancing on a light up dance floor with plasma screens underneath a plexy glass and was rising up on this pod with my name on it . i felt like i was justin timberlake in the future sex love show. and the best part of it was that i won 100 grand.

GWI– People with talent have an impact on this earth we believe its a purpose for their cause. Tell us your point of view on that dealing with you Dj’n, Dancer and etc?

Chris White- I believe god gave me a gift and i want to share it with the world performing and entertaining being a character and making people laugh.  i think everybody has a special talent they just have to find out what it is.

GWI– Who have you work  wit? Name a couple of names?

Chris White– I worked with geo hubela choreographer and founder of iconic. angel feliciano choreographer and artistic director of the movement /feliciano dance company.

GWI– What is it like working  wit Shane Sparks?

Chris White – It was cool he’s a good guy. i actually met him through a friend and we had alot to talk about dance.i explained my theory of isoglyphics which is isolations but drawn on paper like hiroglyphics and he seen my creativity in my short film mind control on youtube and he asked if i can teach the last half hour for one of his master classes at broadway dance center.and it was a humbling experience teaching people who want to learn.

GWI– So What do you have plan for the future beside Dancing and Dj’n?

Chris White– In the future i plan on getting vocal lessons and pursuing acting.

GWI– Great to hear that, Who else have you work with?
Chris White– kNERO DAH “mothafuckin” GREAT  lol.. he’s my brother from another mother.

GWI– Tell us about “Movement”. How did u get with them and who’s the Creator?

Chris White–  I actually seen them on television on this show and i knew i wanted to dance with them. i took alot of angel’s classes in nj at lm dance and i adapted to his style so he invited me to the movement  rehearsals and i caught on the choreography and he seen that  so i was part of the company, the creator is angel feliciano

GWI– We Have witness one of the performance, real magical. We see that you definitely have a passion for this. The Netherlands Tour Eperiance, how was that? From the sight seeing and the performance.

Chris White–  It was a life changing experience being away from home for a month. after every performance we were starving they were no food spots open so we would have to go  to the gas station store and grab sandwhiches and snacks. i got really sick out there from the different foods i think i ate a chuwama or something and  i caught the stomach virus and i had to miss 1 show. we had 18 shows total. and we stayed at the bungalos which was a trailer park i felt like i was at 8 mile lol. we had to walk this long road to our bungalos with all our bags so instead of me walking like everybody else i rented a bike and was cruising while everbody else walked lol. one of the shows were in amsterdam and we got to tour the red light district which was insane it was like maniquins in red windows that came to life.

GWI-Your hard work is definitely paying off. You was also feature on the “Japanese Dance Magazine” front cover in the November 08 issue. How did they discover your talent?

Chris White–  my friend takahiro i always thought his name was tiger hero lol. he was also in the movement thats where i met him and i seen him on apollo. he’s a photographer of ddd magzine in japan and he asked if i want to do a photoshoot in time square. so i said yeah why not.

GWI-Thanks for your time and we will be following you threw your career. Chris White ya -Get Wit IT

Chris White- Thankyou


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