Jidenna Freestyles On Funkmaster Flex (Video)

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-12-54-05-amJidenna is known for his dapper suits and pop hits like “Classic Man.” But one thing many music fans would never expect out of him is a hot 16. After an appearance on Funkmaster Flex’s show this week, however, a lot of people are going to have to adjust their expectations.

Rapping over DJ Khaled’s “I Got the Keys,” Jidenna burns through a long freestyle that shows a variety of flows, clever puns, and even a social conscience. He discusses racism in the criminal justice system as easily as his own status in the music game. And in the middle, he even has a pointed couplet about racism and gentrification. “Better move pronto, Squano, or your teepee won’t be no mo’,” he raps. “They flip projects into condos quicker than you can say ‘Jimmy Jim Crow'”

As DJ Booth points out, there is no indication as yet whether this marks a new direction for Jidenna, or just serves as a demonstration that, no matter how many “Classic Man”-style hits he makes, he can still rap. Either way, Funk Flex seemed not a little bit impressed. “Everybody can’t walk up here,” he says after Jidenna finishes, seeming pleasantly surprised. “Jidenna, Funk Flex, this is what we do.”

To judge from social media, Flex wasn’t the only one impressed.

Watch video below:

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