@JohnTanner__ Says Kanye West Inspires His Music And “Kendrick Is Dope”

John-TannerJohn Tanner is an artist from Delaware, possibly be the first. Working with producers J Gramm and SAP, Tanner plans on opening doors for other artist coming from Delaware. His competitive spirit was enhanced and transferred into the recording studio when opportunity came knocking.



John Tanner Explains How Kayne West And 2 Pac Influenced His Musical Career

 GWI – From the Keith Murry’s to the Kendrick Lamar’s. What made you make your rap name “John Tanner”.

John Tanner –  Its actually a combination of different things. Arrangements of letters, relations to other words, etc but all in all “John Tanner” is just a pretty cool guy.

GWI – That’s what’s up. With southern music flooded hip hop at the moment. Where do you see the direction of hip hop going?

John Tanner –  I Think Music changes all the time, and I’ve never been right about the next thing. But, I think that the new artists that come out determine where it goes. And I plan to be the one to change it this time.

GWI – Who was your musical inspiration while you was growing up?

John Tanner – Kanye West Is my Biggest Music inspiration. He’s a genius. His ideas, his visions, the way he compiles an album. So, yea Kanye as far as creativity and just wanting to be able to think on the level that he does.

As far just Inspirations as a person….. 2Pac.  He was such a real dude… his honesty, his loyalty, his purpose. He was so passionate about what it was that his music spoke about, and I think that’s what makes him the greatest of all time. You believe every minute of it, because its true. So I try to emulate that in my music with honesty and real life situations and emotions and feelings.

GWI -Who inspire  you now in music?

John Tanner– Same 2 People, and I like Drake also. He’s pretty versatile. Kendrick I think is probably the BEST  ACTIVE rapper in the game right now. Kendricks dope.

GWI– Who in the game now that you consider of being a talent artist?

John Tanner– Kendrick, Meek Mill, Ace Hood, a few others.

GWI– where does your motivation come from?

John Tanner– I’m a competitor. I like to overcome. Its all I know. Perform and be rewarded. And I like to brag, and u cant brag if your not the best so…That’s what I work for.

GWI – How is delaware? What is it like?

John Tanner – lol. it’s ok.
GWI – There’s no artists from Delaware. Do you feel you could be the first artists to open the doors for the rest of the artists?


John Tanner – I will be the first artist.

GWI– What would like to say to the fans that’s looking to fit your shoes?

John Tanner– NEVER let anyone tell you that you cant.

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