Kim Kardashian plays role in Tyler Perry’s new film ‘MARRIAGE COUNSELOR’

Tyler Perry is at it again and this time his big screen shenanigans include a Kardashian! His next picture will be a remarkable number 13 when it comes to director, writer, and actor Tyler Perry and Lionsgate! The film is called The Marriage Counselor. Hmm. Is Madea in this one or not? I don’t know. But what I do know is you can keep up with Kim Kardashian by following the progress of this dramedy because K. is playing the main character’s co-worker in the film!

Based upon Perry’s 10th stage play, which was touring around 2008, The Marriage Counselor follows a married couple as trouble hits. He is an accountant. She is “an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor.” His parents move in on account of some troubles and then the once perfect marriage hits the rocks. Hey, that’s a stressful predicament! The marriage counselor, Judith, should be “practicing what she preaches,” but instead is tempted by when an old college flame resurfaces. Isn’t that always the way? According to THR filming begins late this month.

What’s your favorite Tyler Perry movie? Mine is probably The Family the Preys. Did you see For Colored Girls? Did it win your heart? Not easily forgettable, that one!


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