Kobe Reacts To His Teammates’ Over-The-Top Celebration

Kobe Reacts To His Teammates' Over-The-Top Celebration

Last night, Kobe Bryant appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sans sling, and talked about his impending retirement, his injury-plagued season, and the debut of his documentary, ‘Kobe’s Muse,’ this weekend.

Kobe noted that despite rumors he hasn’t decided whether next year will be his last. One thing’s for sure, if Kobe returns to the Lakers and they’re still overly celebrating victories as a 14-41 team, screaming ‘We back in the building!’… someone might die.

Kimmel showed Kobe a clip of his teammates, Nick Young, Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer going bonkers after a meaningless win over the Celtics and Kobe’s reaction was priceless, vintage Kobe.

Watch video below:

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