Rihanna Starts Twitter War With Teyanna Taylor (Video)

It seems Rihanna has another epic R&B Twitter beef in the making. The “Pour It Up” singer is known for not biting her tongue on the social media platform. In the past she has gotten at New York Knicks small forward J.R. Smith and had a very public spat with singer Ciara. Now her latest target is Harlem rapper/socialite Teyana Taylor, who didn’t back down. The self-proclaimed first lady of G.O.O.D. Music originally posted a... Read More

Birdman support Drake beef wit Common

During his recent interview with Big Boy of Power 106 in LA, Baby gave his thoughts on the Common and Drake beef.  Read More

[Audio] Big Sean response to Ludachris ‘Bada Boom’ diss

Big Sean speaks on the issue over the flow he uses and the interview Ludacris responded to on, Ludachris ‘Bada Boom’  Read More

[NEW MUSIC] Ludacris-Badaboom (Drake & Big Sean diss)

“With the super duper flow, I created that one word rhyme style,” Big Sean said in an interview. “Drake really made it more popular, but Drake gave me the credit and was like, ‘I really got that from Big Sean.’ I think some artists just did it so wack man. Every time I say names I get in trouble and it’s like I’m dissing, but some people used it wack. Don’t get it wrong I’m not trying to dis Ludacris or nothing. He’s a great MC.... Read More

[VIDEO] Maybach Music Beef: The Cause of the beef between Meek Mill & Wale

A blind man can see during the interview on the BET Hip Hop Awards Red Carpet with Meek Mill, Wale proudly stolen Meek’s lime light. The facial expression on Meek Mill’s face can explain what was going threw his head while Wale interrupted his interview. [SOUCRE]  Read More

New Music: Pusha T Don’t Fuck With Me (Drake Diss)

Pusha T hops on Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy” and drops very pointed lines at an unnamed MC, although there’s only one guy I can think of who has a well-known sweater appreciation. Miss Info transcribed the lyrics and…yeah, no real riddles in Pusha’s rhymes. “Rappers on their sophomores, actin’ like they boss lords. Fame such a funny thing for sure when n—as start believing all those encores. I’m just the one to send you off,... Read More

Rihanna vs Ciara

Ciara stepped into the role of fashion police tonight on an episode of E!’s “Fashion Police.” Ciara joined by  Joan Rivers and stylist George Kotsiopoulos commented on her past run in with Rihanna saying “Rihanna used to be so nice. I just saw her and she wasn’t the nicest..” It only took a few minutes for Rihanna to catch wind of the comment and the ladies took it to twitter. karencivil  Read More

[VIDEO] Nicki Minaj “The Ultimate Swagger Jacker” Of Hip Hop's history!!!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go9LekCTWCI]  Read More

Exclusive: MC Hammer: Jay-Z Beef Is Over

And like that, it was over. MC Hammer has declared that the beef between him and Jay-Z has now come to an abrupt ending. “As a responsible veteran of twenty something years of this [Hip-Hop]. I can’t leave it out there with tensions,” MC Hammer told AllHipHop.com exclusively. “I am reading comments on both sides, it’s not about that, I have seen all of that before. There is an opportunity to say at some point. We’re on... Read More

The Game and Kat Stack Twitter Beef

“You’re Either Wit It Or Not”  Read More


After Rick Ross release the street anthem (BMF) the rumor has been circulating that ross is cooking up some beef and jeezy has taking a bit with his come back with the actual Big Meech on the record clarifying the so call drama between him and jezzy is false. “you n—a’s ain’t ready, you n—a’s is petty, you n—a’s spagetti, bustin’ your meatball, you better be ready. you throwin’ up sets but you really from Cleveland, f–k bwoy….. see... Read More

SNOOP TALKS ABOUT 2PAC DISS NAS IN FRONT OF NY & MORE   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCCBzQ-mM_w&feature=player_embedded] “YOU’RE EITHER EIT IT OR NOT”  Read More