Bill O’Reilly Say Beyoncé’s ‘Partition’ Music Video Is ‘Exploitative Garbage’

O’Reilly was recently joined by music mogul Russell Simmons on his show, The O’Reilly Factor, to promote his book on the benefits of meditation in schools, but was repeatedly cut off and asked about Beyoncé. O’Reilly said he has always been “very critical of harmful entertainment marketed to largely unsupervised children,” and questioned why Beyoncé would portray having sex in a limousine when there are so many unwanted teen pregnancies... Read More

White On White Crime: From 1980 To 2008 84 % Whites Was Murdered By Whites

MSNBC host Chris Hayes mocked Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday, parodying the Fox News host’s claim “black culture” was fundamentally violent. The segment began with Hayes showing a video clip of white teens rioting in California this month. The MSNBC host said the mainstream media was covering up the “white riot” in Huntington Beach because of political correctness. Listen to this brilliant interview and then realize that... Read More

Nas to publish autobiography in 2012 ‘AIN’T HARD TO TELL’

It Ain’t Hard to Tell will explore rapper’s feuds with Jay-Z and Bill O’Reilly, and his four-year marriage to Kelis. Nas has signed a book deal, agreeing to publish his memoirs next year. A decade after he changed his mind about calling one of his albums I Am … The Autobiography, the rapper will write an actual autobiography called It Ain’t Hard to Tell, in collaboration with music journalist Touré. “This is hip-hop... Read More

[VIDEO] Bill O’Reilly Interviews Rapper Lupe Fiasco

Its sure to say O’Reilly is on his BS again. Peep how he tries to b-little Lupe at the end of his interview about Lupe wearing shades during the interview Write text here…  Read More