Justin Bieber’s New Owl Tattoo, The Bohemian Grove Illuminati Mascot?

Justin Bieber tweeted his new Owl tatto. He states it represents “Wisdom” which the Native Americans attributed owls with wisdom and sacred knowledge. But the rumours are that this tattoo really reps the Bohemian Grove Illuminati Mascot The young pop singer showed off yet another new tattoo on Instagram when he posted a photo of an owl on his arm. “Befo the paps get me,” he wrote. It seems Justin agrees that the bolder... Read More

The Real Meaning Behind Drake’s Owl Tattoo

Lil Wanye had told Drake last year “Whatever, man, whatever you do, do not get no tattoos never in your life,” now look at the young star. Drake is wearing an owl on his left shoulder at this year’s OVO fest held in his native hometown, Toronto, Canada. Although the owl is associated with many different meanings such as death and misfortune, it is also the official symbol of his brand October’s Very Own. In 2010  Drake wore an owl on... Read More