Vintage Frames Cazal 951 Limited Edition a gift to Amber Rose

  $749.99 The Vintage Frames Company x Cazal 951 Sunglasses 1 of 50 We are very proud of our limited edition Cazal 951 Sunglasses in The VIntage Frames Company exclusive colorway. One of our favorite brands, we were most excited to have our own Cazal. The 951 frame was the first frame our owner Corey Shapiro ever wore, which led to the start of our company! Be one of only 50 people to have the most exclusive Cazal Sunglasses to exist!  Read More

The aftermath of London’s Riot!!

These extraordinary photos show the true extent of the destruction caused by the widespread rioting. Before the disturbances these were businesses and homes, with one having survived two World Wars. But after ransacking stores the rioters gleefully set properties alight, cheering at their handiwork as they saw flames engulf the buildings.Their actions have left not only charred shells where homes and livelihoods used to stand, but also a deep scar... Read More

Get Wit the new era of bow tie ‘Robot and Brucling’

What started out as a dream led Robot & Brucling to a brand notable for opening New York Fashion Week in September 2010. With a versatile look to their brand, it’s without a doubt a classically elegant look with a modern day stylish twist. Designers Christopher Chaun Bennett and Bruce Franklin have created these desirable accessories that have been worn by some of your favorite celebs. “Robot & Brucling is a brand of classic emotion... Read More

Justin Bieber attack during his promotional perfume appearance

  So apparently Justin Bieber was attacked by a 40 years old man who jumped a police barricade at his Midtown promotional event Thursday and knocked him down. The incident happened a little before 3 p.m. and hundreds of young girls waited outside Macy’s on Broadway, between 34th and 35th streets, to get a glimpse of the Canadian crooner. Cops said the man who pounced on Bieber is in his 40s. He taken into custody and issued a summons... Read More

So Push T is acting?

  On the upcoming season of How To Make It America Pusha T will star alongside Bryan Greenberg and Kid Cudi for four episodes. He’ll portray a drug dealer who slangs that good green, not the white girl we’re used to hearing about (word to the “Blow” video).      Read More

Get Wit R&B Singer Yolanda Sterk

  Get Wit It Magazine Brings you  pop star Yolanda Sterk.  A natural born performer who thrives on the energy of fans. Her soul, heart and passion for creating engaging tunes are infused in her music. Yolanda writes with purpose and enthusiasm from experience and creativity. She has the unique ability to pull you into her lyrics and beats to live the story of the song and feel its emotion. She enjoys connecting with people, helping people... Read More

[VIDEO] Kanye West is WIT!! Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” is the Video of 2011

Tyler, The Creator just got the co-sign of a lifetime. Kanye West thinks his clip for “Yonkers” is the video of the year. So that’s a Pusha T co-sign and Yeezy co-sign in just one week. We wonder if he’s still looking for that acknowledgment from Justin Bieber. Is it because this video is demonic?      Read More

[FASHION] SUPER Vincenzo Sunglasses

Continuing its recent string of limited editions, SUPER releases the Vincenzo, another slender-framed member of the brand’s extensive roster. Limited to only a select few accounts, this special release offers a hand-crafted frame using long-forgotten techniques from the ‘70s that combine havana and tortoise acetates, lending authentic old school kudos to the design. Italian-made, the Vincenzo feature top notch materials and construction... Read More

[VIDEO] First time ever seen @Lupefiasco Laser Gun !

Here’s a working, homebrewed 1MW laser pistol that can fire through a steel razor-blade and possibly other objects as well. If you want to make one of your own, the creator will help you find the parts and get it all together.German hacker [Patrick Priebe] recently constructed a laser pulse gun that looks so good, it could have easily come off a Hollywood movie set. Its sleek white and black exterior adds intrigue, but offers little warning... Read More

Baby Confirms he's In Talks With Rick Ross

Earlier this month, rumors spread that Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group was on the market, with potential partners like Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Lyor Cohen’s Warner Music, Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Bryan “Birdman” Williams’ Cash Money family all mentioned as being interest in acquiring the imprint. recently caught up with Baby to find out the possibility of Rozay joining the YMCMB family. “We in talks right now,” the... Read More

Zsa Zsa Gabor returns to hospital in Los Angeles

(Reuters) – Actress and Hollywood celebrity Zsa Zsa Gabor returned to hospital on Tuesday after she began coughing up blood in the early morning. Her spokesman John Blanchette said doctors were treating her for a lung infection, and she is in critical condition. The star of 1950s films “Moulin Rouge” and “Lili” was in the hospital last month to have her leg amputated because of a gangrene infection. She had hip replacement... Read More

2 Tweets 10 Million

50 Cent wants to keep his business empire growing, and he’s even asking fans to join in. Just last week he announced his new line of headphones, and now the rapper is investing millions in TV marketing firm TVGoods. 50 Cent even took the news to his Twitter to gush about it. ‘You better get in now TVG I’m never saying this again. Watch how this company blows up. ‘Follow my lead there going to get bigger trust me even if... Read More

Rehab Worker Drops Complaint Against Lindsay Lohan

Well, that whole bizarre story didn’t last long.  Dawn Holland, the rehab worker who had filed assault charges against Lindsay Lohan, is dropping them.  Her lawyer, Keith Davidson, says no further action will be taken because “a crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan.  Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution,” Davidson says.  The police... Read More

Keyshia Cole ain't wit the Releasing of “I Ain’t Thru” With Nicki Minaj

Keyshia Cole has come to realize what we all already knew: that “I Ain’t Thru” featuring Nicki Minaj was not worthy of being a lead single. It wasn’t instantly catchy, radio friendly, nor did it showcase trademark Keyshia’s power vocals. Keyshia recently admitted to the Associated Press that she regrets releasing the song, especially since she went against the advice of her label. “The label didn’t really want to drop the record because... Read More

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