California man offered Soulja boy 25k to retire rapping

Kyle Burgens, from Glendale California described as a financial adviser for an investment firm in Los Angeles says rapper Soulja Boy is a detriment to the community and has single-handedly set hip hop back 20 years. He is pledging $25,000 for the Atlanta rapper to stay away from the booth for good. Spotted by, the rapper sounds like he comtemplating leaving the game for good. At least, he felt that way at the moment. Here’s a few... Read More

Justin Bieber takes DNA test to clear name

Justin Bieber has taken a DNA test to prove false the claim from a California woman that he fathered her child, TMZ reported Monday. Bieber, 17, had the test done Friday at a laboratory in New Jersey under “very controlled circumstances,” sources told the gossip website — so his legal team could prove the sample was not tampered with at any time. Last week, Bieber’s longtime manager Scooter Braun said the teen pop star would... Read More

Charles Grantham has a few words to say ‘confuse resolve with good judgment’

In a show of solidarity, or perhaps defiance, about 50 NBA players packed themselves into a cramped ballroom last week to announce that they were not only going to leave the league’s latest take-it-or-leave-it offer, but they also were willing to possibly forfeit their entire 2011-12 salaries to get a collective bargaining agreement that they deem fair. The stunning decision to dissolve the players’ union, followed by two antitrust lawsuits... Read More

Terrell Owens Arrest Warrant Issued

If Terrell Owens’ biggest problem was the fact he couldn’t find a job, life would be grand. But now he’s got bigger problems than his unemployment. As TMZ reports, a California judge has issued an arrest warrant for Owens after he failed to show up for a child support hearing. We told you a few days ago that Owens had asked to reduce his child support payments, because he’s not making as much money today as he was before. Therefore, he can’t... Read More

Missing California teen sends mom Facebook message

Don’t expect Sheri Simonek to Facebook friend her new son-in-law. The California woman received a message from her missing 15-year-old daughter via the social network with word that the teen was safe – but married, pregnant and living in Mexico. “I believe she wants to come home, but she is scared for the man she is with now, thinking that he is going to go to jail,” the stunned grandmother-to-be told ABC affiliate KERO-TV. Alisa... Read More

Birdman’s brother file a lawsuit from prison!!!

Birdman’s Incarcerated Brother Files Lawsuit Over Prison Living Conditions ,the imprisoned brother of  Cash Money CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of  Prisons and Warden Anthony Haynes. According to Terrance “Gansgta” Williams is currently being held at the Jesup Federal Correctional Institution in Southeast Georgia, where he has filed a lawsuit against the Feederal... Read More

P Diddy allegedly has parts of tupac’s death

Bab Boy President confirms it: Kirk Burrowes, ex-president of Bad Boy Entertainment, is making explosive claims in new court papers which implicate Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs in the 1995 destroy of Tupac Shakur. In legal filings obtained by The New York Post, Burrowes claims the mogul set up an “enterprise” of thuggish[..]ociates “to gain power, recognition, fame and financial gain through acts and threats involving destroy,... Read More

The Terminator has been Terminated by Maria Shriver

  Maria Shriver has been “miserable” in her marriage for a long, long time, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … and it’s all about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s “craziness.” We’re told Maria moved out of the couple’s L.A. mansion months ago.  Sources tell us she’s been extremely unhappy in her marriage for years, complaining about Arnold’s out of control ego, as well as his... Read More

Openly gay federal judge fights for gay civil rights in California

SAN FRANCISCO — The sponsors of California’s same-sex marriage ban insist they are not trying to disqualify the federal judge who struck down Proposition 8 because he is gay. Instead, they argue long relationship with another man poses a potential conflict because they might want to get hitched themselves. ( Elaine Thompson / Associated Press ) – In this photo taken Nov. 19, 2010, Chief District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, of the Northern... Read More

Man gets arrested trying to buy Xbox 360 with weed

Sorry, drug law reform campaigners, but this guy has just done you a grand total of no favors whatsoever. Helping the “Hey, pot isn’t that damaging” case exactly as much as a stonier corpse in a joint-originated house fire, Sean Evans of  Magalia, California used his razor sharp robo-brain to try to buy an Xbox 360 using a big pile of marijuana. He got arrested, and was very probably the only one surprised. The only one in... Read More

Another Facebook Hacker Jailed

A California man has admitted using personal information he gleaned from Facebook to hack into women’s e-mail accounts, download nude and seminude photos and videos sent from those accounts, and then forward the photos to all of the women’s contacts. Dozens of women in the United States and England were victimized by George Bronk, 23, the California attorney general’s office said Friday. Bronk coerced one woman into sending him... Read More

Doomsday for Michael Jackson's Doctor

LOS ANGELES – A judge has dealt the doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death two setbacks, bringing him a step closer to a trial that could end with him being sent to prison and also taking away his livelihood. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor on Tuesday told Dr. Conrad Murray that after listening to six days of testimony at a preliminary hearing, he thought there was enough evidence to support a possible finding of guilt... Read More

Update On Kurtis Blow Busted For Weed At LAX

UPDATE: Kurtis Blow Slams Drug Bust Reports, “TMZ Is Bugging” Hip-Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow has stepped forward to address speculation claiming he was arrested today on drug possession charges in California. Hitting up Twitter, Blow denied reports of being arrested for marijuana. Confirmation from a Los Angeles airport source has also been made. A spokesman for the L.A. airport police tells E! News that Blow (real name Kurtis Walker... Read More

T.I. 'Gets Back Up' as he heads to jail

As Lil Wayne finally makes his way out of Rikers, T.I. heads back to the clink this week, and has a few announcements on his way in. The rapper and producer returns to prison after violating his probation earlier this year and thus is no longer “Uncaged,” the title he previously gave his forthcoming new album. The set has been re-dubbed “No Mercy” and now will officially be released on Dec. 7, as he serves out his 11-months... Read More

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