Rapper Flo-Rida hotel raded, drugs and gun found

Flo Rida’s tour of Australia took a turn for the worst last night (October 23), when the rapper’s personal assistant’s was arrested after a raid of the rapper’s hotel suite. According to reports, police received a tip off that a strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the Flo Rida’s hotel suite. Police in the city raided the suite and discovered 16 grams of marijuana, a rolled joint, three grinders, scales, Viagra, a bottle of liquid... Read More

Wiz Drugs charge dropped

District Attorney Clark Everett determined that the amount of marijuana seized on the bus did not exceed the 10-pound threshold for a trafficking charge.The actual amount seized was about 58 grams, or slightly more than two ounces. All charges against the rapper and six others with him were dismissed when three of the men admitted the marijuana was theirs and pleaded guilty during an Aug. 11 hearing to misdemeanor possession. Each of the three paid... Read More

[VIDEO] Mother Blows Marijuana Smoke in 10 Month Old Daughters Mouth to Stop Crying

A mother was filmed apparently blowing marijuana smoke into her baby’s mouth to get her to stop crying. Jessica Callaway, 21, has been charged with child abuse and is also accused of beating her 10-month-old daughter because she would not stop crying and threatening to kick her in the mouth. Callaway told police she carried out the alleged abuse because she was having a ‘bad day’ and had trouble picking an outfit to wear for a night... Read More

Man gets arrested trying to buy Xbox 360 with weed

Sorry, drug law reform campaigners, but this guy has just done you a grand total of no favors whatsoever. Helping the “Hey, pot isn’t that damaging” case exactly as much as a stonier corpse in a joint-originated house fire, Sean Evans of  Magalia, California used his razor sharp robo-brain to try to buy an Xbox 360 using a big pile of marijuana. He got arrested, and was very probably the only one surprised. The only one in... Read More

[VIDEO] Wiz Khalifa Getting Arrested After Greensville, North Carolina Show

According to several reports, Wiz Khalifa was arrested tonight following his performance at East Carolina University in Greensville, North Carolina. Allegedly, he was busted for possession of an illegal substance. It’s been rumored that Wiz Khalifa spends $10,000 in Marijuana a month and has his own line of rolling papers. More details as they come. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUyW2LCXh7Q&feature=player_embedded]  Read More

Idoit Says Cocaine Found In Buttocks Isn't His, But Claims The Weed

BRADENTON, Fla. — Raymond Stanley Roberts was pulled over Wednesday in a routine traffic stop for speeding. Approaching the Hyundai, deputies said they could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, according to the report. After writing a speeding ticket, a Manatee County Sheriff’s deputy asked Roberts, 25, if he smoked marijuana and when had he done it last. Roberts replied that he smoked the night before and there... Read More

Houston White Rapper Brother's Arrested On $4million Drug Charges

Tall Caucasian rapper Tow Down, aka Bryan Theriot, made mainstream news in 2008, when The Man raided his posh Sienna Plantation home and seized about 50 marijuana plants. But as sweet as Tow Down’s hydro set-up was, it looks downright juvenile compared to the two and a half tons of sticky green goodness that Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputies say they found Thursday in the home of Tow Down’s brother. Bernard Theriot —... Read More

Mother Video Tapes 2 yr Old Smoking Blunt!!

The 2-year-old girl, with her too-big tank top slipping off of her left shoulder, stands and watches television as she puts a joint to her lips and takes a puff before waving her arm to fan away smoke and continuing to puff on the marijuana cigarette. The scene was caught on video using the mother’s cell phone – shot by the mother, a Hamilton County indictment Wednesday charges. Jessica Gamble, 21, of Springfield Township, was indicted on... Read More

[NEWS]:George Michael Sentenced to Two Months in the Bing!!

George Michael was sentenced to eight weeks in jail Tuesday for driving while under the influence of drugs in an incident in which he crashed his car into a photo shop. A judge told the wayward star his addiction to marijuana put him and the public at risk. The singer pleaded guilty last month to driving under the influence and possession of cannabis following a July 4 collision between his Range Rover and a Snappy Snaps photo store in north London. District... Read More