Feds Check Urbandictionary to get an Arrest Warrant

So a dumbass walks into a gun shop and asks the shop owner if  his illegal gun is illegal. Shop owner says yes, and calls the ATF. And that’s how the ATF ended up trolling Urbandictionary. The ATF seized his gun, which he bought from his former step-father, who got it from Craigslist. Oh, and the gun’s serial number had been filed down, So it was all totally “legit”. Anyway, Justin got so, so, so angry that he decided to let... Read More

Man gets arrested trying to buy Xbox 360 with weed

Sorry, drug law reform campaigners, but this guy has just done you a grand total of no favors whatsoever. Helping the “Hey, pot isn’t that damaging” case exactly as much as a stonier corpse in a joint-originated house fire, Sean Evans of  Magalia, California used his razor sharp robo-brain to try to buy an Xbox 360 using a big pile of marijuana. He got arrested, and was very probably the only one surprised. The only one in... Read More

Mom Lists Baby on Craigslist; Threatens to Put in Garbage

Police are trying to determine if a Craigslist post threatening a baby’s life is real or a hoax. The posting shows a graphic photo of a newborn accompanied by a threat to leave the baby to die in a trash can. “Desperate baby will die if someone doesn’t pick it up,” the headline read. The ad goes on to read: “I’m a teenare (sic) mother who was kicked out from my moms and dads house because i was pregnant 9 months... Read More