Lil Wayne’s $5.6 million dollar tax problem

What is it about Rappers and them not paying their taxes don’t these guys have accountants? I guess they never heard the old saying that the only thing in life you can’t escape is death and taxes. This time its Weezy or more notable known to his fans as Lil Wayne who finds himself in trouble with the IRS and this is not the first time. Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, 28 has just recently settled a tax lien case from 2010 where... Read More

IRS Goes After Trick Daddy Over Back Taxes

Trick Daddy is the latest artist to run into trouble with the IRS, as the Miami rapper owes hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to the government. According to the Detroit News, Trick Daddy owes the feds over $157,000 in back taxes for monies he earned as far back as 2002. In addition to the tax troubles, Trick’s $320,000 home in Miami was sold last October, after a bank foreclosed on it in May. The government has placed several liens against the... Read More