Heroin Seize From Rappers Nelly Tour Bus

Rapper Nelly was detained last night in Texas while police officers searched his tour bus — and found HEROIN in addition to a loaded gun … and MASSIVE amounts of weed … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. According to law enforcement sources, Nelly’s bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca — and a police canine detected the presence of drugs. We’re told cops pulled the bus over — and... Read More

Where did this new drug “Bath salt” come from?

Yup! there’s a new drug speeding its way into streets across the country and it has the people reacting abnormally. Remember the guy in Florida who ate the face of a homeless mans? Well allegedly he was on something called “Bath Salt”. Bloggers have written about the easy access that the community have to this new drug, Its so sad how our kids can go to a local store and purchase it like candy. The “Bath Salt” seems to be... Read More

Rapper Drake admits to drug used, but don’t condone it

Drake is know for his witted word play and charming swag that the ladies love. he has recently admitted in an interview that he had to used certain drug substance to keep him sane due to the fame of his musical success.   Drake admits doing drugs “within moderation.” In his rhymes, Drake often addresses the less-glamorous side of fame. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Drizzy explicitly admitted to using drugs to handle... Read More

Man gets arrested trying to buy Xbox 360 with weed

Sorry, drug law reform campaigners, but this guy has just done you a grand total of no favors whatsoever. Helping the “Hey, pot isn’t that damaging” case exactly as much as a stonier corpse in a joint-originated house fire, Sean Evans of  Magalia, California used his razor sharp robo-brain to try to buy an Xbox 360 using a big pile of marijuana. He got arrested, and was very probably the only one surprised. The only one in... Read More

If ya girl pulled out these condoms would u wear them??

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Porn Star B pumper tries to holla at Kat Stacks on twitter and gets SHUT DOWN!!!

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DRUG STAMPED WITH OLYMPIC SEIZED BY VANCOUVER POLICE VANCOUVER — Faster, stronger, higher — but not that high. The marketing frenzy over the 2010 Winter Olympics seems to have penetrated Vancouver’s drug trade. Vancouver police answering a 911 call about a home invasion Wednesday in the 4300 block of Nanaimo Street stumbled across 107,000 ecstasy tablets, some imprinted with the Olympic rings. The officers arrived to find the front door kicked... Read More

THE SIDE THE WORLD NEVER SEEN OF IRON MIKE TYSON ON THE OPRAH SHOW Tyson Reveals a side that shocked the world. A side we thought that never existed in the hard hitting, ear biting fighter. The former fighter held back tears through the entire interview especially when Oprah ask him about his daughter Exodus. Tyson said he doesn’t want to know the details of his daughter death because he don’t want to blame anyone and if he point a finger at... Read More


“This is a not a comeback this a come through” Whitney proudly said. She’s drug free but still has the desires for it. She was afraid that she would lose the spirit of singing, but with help from Family, Friends, Fans along with faith in the Man up stairs and we can’t forget Mr. Clive Davis who told her “you can do it”, Whitney now knows her own strength and she won’t trade that for nothing. From smoking weed mixed with crack cocaine,... Read More


As long as Oprah has been in business she said this is “The Most Powerful interview I’ve ever done” That alone means a lot the her viewers. Oprah spoke with Whitney at the Town Hall Theater, a place very dear to her from her childhood feature in ‘Annie’. A memorial moment when her mother assured her she was a singer after the rush of the crowd that heard Whitney’s voice. “The Voice” as Oprah called her, discussed many touchy issues... Read More