[Breaking News] Gucci Mane Went To College "Lawson State"

SMH he has some college education and he is that dumb? Dude cant even put two sentences together while speaking… This is just like plies, dude is a college graduate and he acts ignorant as fuk… Is the ignorance just for show? Clearly you have to be some what educated to get your GED/HS Diploma rite? Rite? So why do these niccas act like coons. Shout out to waka… “education big though bra, ima go back to skoo to major in... Read More

Get Wit The Dopest Graphic Designer in Atlanta

DC is a company that started after I graduated from Stephenson high school in Stone Mountain – Lithonia, GA located in metro Atlanta. Moved to Savannah, GA tried online art college at Westwood. Found myself dropping out and the first semester; meet some students from Savannah College Of Art and Design (SCAD). From graphic design students to inspiring director students. Learning from them how to use programs such as Photoshop and learning... Read More