DO you want Justin Bieber to post your number on twitter?

Detroit teen genius Kevin Kristopik — who decided it would be productive to harass Justin Bieber and threaten a local radio station for tickets to the star’s show  — is now crying for two reasons. One, Biebs posted Kevin Kristopik’s phone number on Twitter, after the kid got Bieber’s number from a “friend” and idiotically texted him repeatedly. He then wouldn’t knock it off when he was told, of course. Kevin’s phone was flooded... Read More

Dr. Laura Loves the N-Word So Much She Said It On Air Repeatedly!!!!

Never let it be said that Dr. Laura, aka Laura Schlessinger, doesn’t cozy up to controversy on her radio show. Normally she’s unafraid and refuses to back down from her points, however ludicrous they may be. But it looks like spouting the n-word off on the radio was a step too far. t all started centuries ago when a bunch of dumb greedy white people wanted to live like the British and European aristocrats they claimed to despise but didn’t... Read More