Chris Brown goes off on RAZ B (Twitter beef)

R&B singers Chris Brown and Raz-B have taken aired out their issues with one another by hopping on Twitter and unleashing a fury of disses at one another. Setting the disses in motion, Raz accused Brown of being a homosexual and referenced the singer’s publicized domestic violence incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009  Read More

[VIDEO] Teena Marie Dies at the age of 54 [youtube=] [youtube=]  Read More

Is Eminem the Greatest rapper of all time?

Eminem is on the verge of becoming the first artist to have the year’s best-selling album twice since Nielsen/SoundScan began tracking sales for Billboard in 1991. With just three weeks to go in the chart year, Eminem’s seventh album, Recovery, has a solid lead as the year’s best-selling album. The rap star’s third album, The Eminem Show, was the best-seller of 2002. [youtube=]  Read More

Rapper Ja Rule gets two-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to attempted weapon possession

Rapper Ja Rule is headed to prison for two years after pleading guilty Monday for driving with a loaded gun after a 2007 concert. “This isn’t a good day, fellas,” the one-time Grammy nominee said grimly as he left Manhattan Supreme Court. The plea to attempted weapon possession in the second degree, a violent felony, came just before his trial was scheduled to start. Ja Rule, 34, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, was busted... Read More

Swizz Beat’s UK Baby Momma Take Shots At Alicia Keys!!

According to, Swizz Beat’s baby moma Jahana Sebastian, who lives in the UK, is taking shots at Alicia Keys Jahna Sebastian is a singer/songwriter/producer in the UK that claims that she had a baby girl by Swizz Beatz. According to a letter her friend shared with a website, Swizz is aware of the child as he showed up with Alicia Keys last year for a paternity test that eventually proved he was the father. Swizz also pays her a measly... Read More

[VIDEO] Kanye West Interview with Access Hollywood   [youtube=]  Read More

Shannon Brown & Monica are engaged

Monica is engaged to Shannon Brown — the man she walked down the aisle with in her music video, ‘Love All Over Me.’ Now, the R&B singer and L.A. Laker are tying the knot in real life. Monica and Shannon Brown met on the set of the ‘Love All Over Me’ video in June, and though it has only been a few months, the 29-year-old singer — best known for her 1999 Grammy-winning duet, ‘The Boy is Mine,’... Read More

Taylor Swift to perform song about "Kanye Incident" at VMA's

NEW YORK – Be warned, Kanye: Taylor Swift has written a song about you, and she’s singing it at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. The country superstar’s win for best female video last year was marred when Kanye West got on stage and said it should have gone to Beyonce. Swift wrote a song about the experience earlier this year, and a source familiar with the show said Saturday the 20-year-old will sing the new song at the VMAs,... Read More

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