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Rapper Cormega speaks about the tragedy in Haiti. [youtube=] [youtube=] “You’re Either Wit It Or Not”  Read More

IS HAITI’S EARTHQUAKE MAN MADE OR A NATURAL DISASTER?   Anyway, I knew from that broadcast that the broadcast was a component of a well planned operation. I notice that this earthquake caused no Tsunami damaging any Fat Cat’s ocean front property in Florida etc. And the event so helps both Obama and Clinton — when Obama is just on the brink of collapse of his political power and presidential authority. They had the motive and the... Read More

OFFICIAL VIDEO: WYCLEF JEAN- “HOLD ON” FT MAVADO   Wyclef continues to “hold on” for his native country Haiti with his smash hit featuring reggea sensation Mavado. Haiti is the first independent country in the western hemisphere. Haiti is going through a major crisis due to a heavy impact by a earthquake, losing on 50,000 people. We as a human beings need to come together as one to help the world become a better place, let... Read More

FEMALE RAPPER TRINA ADOPT KID FROM HAITI   Miami rapper Trina seeks to get involved with the effort to aid the millions of people in Haiti who were impacted by a devastating 7.0 earthquake on January 12 that has killed at least 200,000 people. Through a statement Trina addressed her desire to adopt. “With the current state that Haiti is in right now; I personally feel like donating monetary and physical possessions is a enormous and vast donation... Read More

KANYE WESY BANNED FROM GEORGE CLOONEY’S HAITI TELETHON   Kanye West was named the year’s biggest turkey in 2009 — and he’s still getting the bird. On Friday, a who’s-who of prominent pop stars from Bruce Springsteen to Alicia Keys are taking part in George Clooney’s televised telethon, “Hope for Haiti: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.” West, however, has been left off the guest list, according to... Read More

HUGO CHAVES ACCUSES U.S. OF USING WEAPON TO CAUSE HAITI QUAKE   Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States of causing the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, which killed possibly 200,000 people. Chavez believes the U.S. was testing a tectonic weapon to produce eco-type devastations. Last week, Digital Journal reported that the Venezuelan President accused the United States of using Haiti’s earthquake as a pretext... Read More


Wyclef Jean posted a video statement on YouTube today to respond to accusations against his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been collecting Haiti relief donations following Tuesday’s massive earthquake. A Washington Post article raised concerns about the Yele Foundation’s “fiscal scrutiny,” first reported by The Smoking Gun. Apparently Yele Haiti Foundation’s tax returns raised questions about how money has been spent... Read More

HAITIAN ARTIST DIES IN EARTHQUAKE Rapper Jimmy O, 35, visiting Haiti with Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation, was found dead in a crushed car in downtown Port-au-Prince today. Wyclef mentioned on a CNN interview before departing to Haiti that Jimmy O, born Jean Alexandre, was missing and rumored dead: “I urge everyone who’s listening right now that knows how great this kid is in Haiti — I need y’all to verify this information. It would... Read More

HELP “GET WIT” HAITI Get Wit It wants to get wit Haiti. As previously announced we had a contest in motion. We unfortunately have decided to put that on hold, as we put fourth more concern on the well being of Haiti after their catastrophic occurrence. Get Wit It coterie wants to give a helping hand, we plan to do so by collecting any and everything that we may come across that will help those in Haiti (i.e. water, blankets, clothing,... Read More