Jay-Z brings Hip Hop to Carnegie Hall

What else can Jay-Z do as a Hip Hop artist? Once again he brings Marcy projects to an Arena that the Hip Hop culture was never even thought of being apart of. Jay-Z performed on stage with the Illadelphonics and ?uestlove and brought out special guests like Nas and Alicia Keys. Most would argue about Jay-Z being the first rapper to touch the stage of Carnegie Hall due to Wyclef had already performed at there. “Whyclef is not a rapper”... Read More

50 cent being sued for the “I Get Money” record

An upcoming rapper out of Atlanta named Young Caliber, filed the copyright infringement lawsuit this morning against 50 Cent, alleging that Fiddy had no claim to his “I Get Money” track as he purchased it from producer Apex before he recorded.  There will be some major consequences  for both Fiddy and the proudcer as well as Interscope Records and its subsidiares. Young’s lawyer released a statement this morning stating “The... Read More

Drive by shooting brings death to Cali Swag District’s M-Bone

Get Wit It Breaking News. M Bone of Cali Swag District has been shot to death, person unknown. The 22-year-old rapper was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Inglewood, CA. Real name, Montae Talbert was standing next to his car in front a liquor store around 11:30 p.m. when shots was fired. Sources also say the shooter was alone and raced down La Brea Ave. after firing on M-Bone. Cali Swag Districtis leader, C-Smoove, confirmed the death of M-Bone... Read More

[AUDIO] Get Wit Blaze Blackheart

British newcomer Blaze Blackheart brings on the happy vibes with his new single, “I Feel Alright,” which includes a clever sample of The Fatback Band’s “I Found Lovin’.” The song is a buzzing slice of hip pop dominated by a bright melody, shiny synths and a catchy, funked up club groove that perfectly fit Blaze’s lyrics about living it up and letting go. “It’s Alright” is simply too irresistible to... Read More


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Soulja Boy's Dad Warned Him About Drugs, "He Found A Little Sack In My Bedroom"

“My Dad was on me heavy about drugs,” remembers Soulja, slumped on a red two-seater couch, staring straight ahead at nothing in particular. “He found a little sack in my bedroom, but it wasn’t from drugs. They came from some earrings that I bought. He and my stepmother kept asking if I do drugs. So I finally just said, ‘Look, I rap. I’ma be a famous rapper. My name’s Soulja Boy.’ And started showing... Read More

Lil Boosie Talks Murder Charge, New Album 'Incarcerated'

Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie has revealed details behind his upcoming album Incarcerated, which will be released as the rapper serves a four-year sentence for drug possession and awaits trial for 1st-degree murder. Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, was sentenced to prison after police arrested the rapper in October 2008 and found marijuana and a gun in his vehicle. In June of 2010, as he was serving his sentence for the guns and drugs, the district... Read More

Drake and Nicki Minaj Tied the knot!!!!!

Nicki Minaj and Drake are official. Looking like we have another match made in hip hop 😉 Get Wit It… made ya look!!! miss info stated : “Wipe your brows, Barbies and Aubries. They’re not married. Its just two friends having fun, pulling the twitter fire alarm on a Summer Friday. I actually think Nicki and Drake would make a cute couple but Nicki has been in a relationship for a while. Meanwhile Drake has been rumored to be hanging... Read More

Fab response to Joe budden

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU2YAyWubPU&feature=player_embedded] Looks like we’re going to have another great hip hop battle. Two great lyrical rappers ram heads!!! “You’re Either Wit It or Not”  Read More


One of hip-hop’s most celebrated MCs is reportedly in a coma after suffering a cardiac arrest Rapper Guru is reported to be in a coma after suffering a heart attack yesterday (Sunday 28 February). The 43-year-old is set to undergo surgery today at a hospital in New York. The rapper’s condition was confirmed by DJ Premier, his partner in the seminal hip-hop group Gang Starr, in a phonecall to radio show Hip Hop Nation yesterday. He is reported... Read More