Porn Star B pumper tries to holla at Kat Stacks on twitter and gets SHUT DOWN!!!

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DO you want Justin Bieber to post your number on twitter?

Detroit teen genius Kevin Kristopik — who decided it would be productive to harass Justin Bieber and threaten a local radio station for tickets to the star’s show  — is now crying for two reasons. One, Biebs posted Kevin Kristopik’s phone number on Twitter, after the kid got Bieber’s number from a “friend” and idiotically texted him repeatedly. He then wouldn’t knock it off when he was told, of course. Kevin’s phone was flooded... Read More

EXPOSED:The Angielala Experience Show

Angela Freeman is well on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, Young black, Beautiful and successful. From  interning at the Billboard Magazine for Billboard Mobile Beat in 2007 where she attended different concerts and events as part of the press. She was involved in an off Broadway play titled “Fish” in which she had a role and also played assistant to the director. In 2008 her video treatment... Read More