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Charles hamilton talks about being raped by the illuminati and says kat stacks is God

…….so many thoughts in my mind when seeing her. Main question. Venetian? Aight… let’s go there, here. Is Jay-Z Venetian? See, being a Freemason is an Earthly allegiance. I am… circumstantially a Freemason, with Charles “Sr.” being a 3rd degree and his “brothers” being either lower on the totem pole or …on my d1ck. Yeah. Pop Obama is a 3rd Degree, and lost his positioning in his ranks because... Read More

Kat Stacks files police report against Carmelo Anthony

Melo’s tweets that sparked the police report -> Carmelo Anthony offers $5,000 to whoever slaps Kat Stacks Kat Stacks files police report against Carmelo Anthony – ProBasketballTalk – Basketball – NBC Sports Earlier this week, Nuggets (for the time being) small forward Carmelo Anthony found himself involved in a bizarre controversy involving twitter, Anthony’s wife La La Vasquez, and Kat Stacks, who... Read More

The Game and Kat Stack Twitter Beef

“You’re Either Wit It Or Not”  Read More