Red Dot: Episode 2 – “The Walking Dead” Director By Nimi Hendrix

Last episode of Red Dot, Sekuo brother was murder at the dinner table, which cause him to go on a rampage to find every and anyone who has some sort of an affiliation with the death of his brother. Starting the 2nd episode Liberian rapper kNERO will debut as “Fitzroy”, one of Sekuo’s goons. Check out kNERO’s thespian talents below. Don’t want to ruin it for you so set back and relax and enjoy show.   Watch video... Read More

The Misery Of Saarje Sara Baartman Lives On Through The Nicki Minaj’s And The K.Michele’s

The story of Saarje Sara Baartman live on through the Nicki Minaj‘s, the K Mihelle‘s and the Kim Kardashian‘s and other females that choose to enhanced their buttocks as a marketing tool to promote their talent or lack of talent.. It’s basically what the Europeans had done to Saarje Sara Baartman in the 1700’s the difference from then and now is the females of today are willing promoting their own freak show to the spirits... Read More

kNERO ft Keynotez – Awaken (Prod by Kurt Stock)

  kNERO continues his recent stream of releasing singles on the 3rd, but this time around it’s on the 4th 12:42 am. The track is produced by Kurt Stock. Listen and download the track below.  Read More

The Ignorance Of Hip Hop And The Potential Growth Of Our Culture

As a hip hop artist myself, raised in the culture of Hip hop in the streets of Brooklyn, NY, the unity hip hop brought world wide was electrifying. Rappers such as LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, Kool G rap, Biz Markie, KRS-One, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Cubby Rock, Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy gave me the understanding of the creative art of culture. Alongside with break dancing, graffiti and the slangs in the urban communities. Most of the American... Read More

kNERO – The Wire (Prod by kNERO) (@Kbilli)

  kNERO and Dj Drewski are on their 5th single spread. This time they drop a record titled  ‘The Wire’. This Guy kNERO has a creative story telling mind frame.  In the record he tells a story about a friendship gone bad. Straight movie!,  don’t take my word listen for yourself.   Listen below:  Read More

Artist 2 Artists: George Green (Jay-Z Former Tour Manager Speaks Out)

I’ve got the chance to  chop it up with George Green, former tour manager of Jay-z, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Akon and more. Seeking advice from someone that has been behind the scenes seeing what the public viewers don’t see or have a clue about. Leaving the game and not turning back. Finding himself practicing the faith of Islam to gain the strength of self to battle the dark side of the music industry and the worldly temptations.   kNERO– As-salam... Read More

kNERO ft Marwan – On Ur Mind (Prod by kNERO)

kNERO returns with the 4th entry in his 3peak Annual series with us, Get Wit It Mag and Dj Drewski. This time he joins forces with Singer Marwan ′On Ur Mind’ . Produced by kNERO. Look out for ‘The Moments Of Luxury’ EP coming soon. Listen to the track below.  Read More

@KBILLI ft. @IamEmmaline – The Vent (Prod by. kNERO)

kNERO recruits Australian artist Emmaline for his new single ‘The Vent′. . The record, which is produced by kNERO himself, is on what he’s now calling the “3 Peak” due to his singles releasing  on the 3rd of every month. I can admit, kNERO and Dj Drewski has been consistent. Listen to the track below.  Read More

kNERO – The Vent (Single Cover) @kbilli

Here is a look at the official artwork for kNERO‘s next single ‘The Vent’ featuring Australian singer Emmaline. Presented by us, Get Wit It and Hot 97 Dj Drewski. Drops the 3rd of March. Still no due date for “The Moments Of Luxury” EP  but we do know it’s set some time for this summer.  Read More

kNERO – “Aint Like Me” (Prod by Kurt Stock) @KBILLI @Sodrewski

Brooklyn’s very own kNERO is back with another single with Hot 97 Dj Drewski. This time he chooses to put down a little pimp game. Check out the word play the Liberian native shows off wit! Click here to listen  Read More

kNERO Reveals New Single ” Ain’t Like Me” Artwork Due Out On March 3rd

kNERO has decided to unveil the official artwork to his next single with Hot 97 Dj Drewki “Ain’t Like Me”. The single,which was produced by Canadian producer Kurt Stock, who also produced kNERO‘s last single “A Story To Tell pt 2” . RO has been on a roll lately releasing singles after singles, keeping himself relevant so you can get a taste of what’s coming from his EP “The Moments Of Luxury.” Still... Read More

kNERO – A Story To Tell (Prod. by Kurt Stock) (@KBILLI)

kNERO delivers another single, which he said he will do on the 3rd of every month before the release of his EP ” The Moments Of Luxury”. He consist that is a part 2 to the Notorious B.I.G‘s “A Story To Tell” , sort of like a tribute to he Brooklyn native. Due to kNERO also being a Brooklyn artist. Droping single with Hot 97’s Dj Drewski. Record produced by Kurt Stock   Listen to the track here.  Read More

@KBILLI – “A Story To Tell Pt. 2” (Artwork)

Here is a look at the official artwork for kNERO’s new record “A Story To Tell pt. 2”. It’s set to hit release Feb 3rd, Super Bowl Sunday via Hot97’s Dj Drew and Get Wit It Magazine. Seems to be part 2 of Notorious B.I.G‘s “A Story To Tell” of his “Life After Death” LP. kNERO is set to release a new single the 3rd of every month before his EP “The Moments Of Luxury.” Stay tune!  Read More

Artists To Look Forward Too In 2013

Being this is the tip of the iceberg of 2013, Get Wit It picks Elliphant, Solange, kNERO, Joey Bada$$, Fred The Godson and Angel Haze as artists to blow up in the coming year.   Elliphant Elliphant is like the perfect storm of different in-style things. The singer fell in love with urban music in London during her time in the U.K., and it brings an interesting twist to the slightly more refined pop that usually comes from her homeland of Sweden.... Read More

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