Producer Bangladesh signed with Cash Money records

From unpaid royalties to signing deal.   From co-creating Lil Wayne‘s “A Milli” and Nicki Minaj‘s “Did It On ‘Em” to suing the New Orleans, Louisiana-based imprint for unpaid royalties to signing with Cash Money Records. They must of offered Des Moines, Iowa producer Bangladesh a great deal for him to take it. This week, MTV News reports that Bangladesh signed the first production deal of his career. “We... Read More

Lil Wayne To Play Invite-Only Mountain Dew Event At SXSW 2012

Lil Wayne has partnered with soft drink major Mountain Dew for their DEWeezy ad campaign which will include advertisements, public appearances and the creation of a skate park in Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. The first event is slated to be an invite only live show at SXSW in Austin on March 15th at Austin Music Hall with doors opening at 6:30 PM.  Read More

Cash Money signs Limp Bizkit

They are not call Cash Money for no reason. With platinum line up  team, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne and now signing major label artists like rap-rock band Limp Bizkit. What is next we can expect from Cash Money. The company was founded by brothers Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.  Read More

[AUDIO] Drake —”The Motto” Feat. Lil’ Wayne

Drake debuted his new single, which features Lil’ Wayne, last night on Los Angeles radio station, Power106. This is yet another T-Minus produced heater, which concludes Take Care on an upbeat note. With the album dropping in a few weeks, on November 15th, we should be hearing Drizzy singles in heavy rotation everywhere we go. The anticipation for Take Care continues to grow with last nights’ release of this new track, as well as the unveiling of... Read More

Tyler the Creator wants to produce for Lil Wayne

    Odd Future can now add Lil Wayne to their already-rabid fanbase. While on the set of Birdman’s “Y.U. Mad” video in Miami on October 15, Weezy — who was rocking a MellowHype T-shirt — told MTV News how he supports the Cali collective. “I just rock with ’em. Shout-out my man Taco; that’s my dude,” Weezy F. said of OF and Taco in particular. “I’m just real cool with the homies.... Read More

Nicki Minaj “I Am the female Weezy”

Halloween comes a whole week early for Nicki Minaj this year! Our favorite Barbie channeled her inner Weezy during the filming of the Gil Green-directed video for “Y.U. Mad” featuring her Young Money bosses, Birdman and Lil Wayne. the song. The track is set to be the first single from Birdman’s upcoming album Bigga Than Life, due November 21. The “female Weezy” dressed up as Lil Wayne by sporting long blonde dreads, a wifebeater,... Read More

Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne beef continues! by the way (Nice Watch)

According to Global Grind Jay-Z fires off a quick warning shot to Lil Wayne on J.Cole’s new track “Mr. Nice Watch.” After Lil Wayne dropped his Jay-Z diss record “I’m Good,” people have been waiting for Jay-Z to respond. Many critics and even Lil Wayne didn’t think Jay would even acknowledge the diss, but after telling someone that you’d kidnap their “bitch,”we guess they’d have... Read More

From hood to skater, Weezy is serious about this skateboarding thing

TMZ has learned, “the rapper is practicing his skateboard skills on the road, traveling around with his own personal skate ramp … in the back of an ESCALADE.” Sources close to the hip hop star says that he packs a “portable quarter pipe” into a trailer which follows his tour bus “24/7”. Wayne continues to practice his skating skills at all hours of the day and squeezes in training at “random places” whenever he has a... Read More

[VIDEO] Lil Wayne tell fan “Shut The Fuck up, Never Buy My Albums Again”

During a live performance of his song “Nightmares Of The Bottom” in Omaha Nebraska, Lil Wayne asked fans to please be quiet as he performed and then proceeded to lash out on a fan after they couldn’t hold in screaming in excitement. Is this really the way to act Lil Wayne?  That’s a fan you’re talking to and that fan obviously loves you. Not too mention “Nightmares Of The Bottom” isn’t really as deep as you think it is.  Read More

Cash Money buys out ‘Tha Carter IV’ to compete with ‘Watch the Throne’ sales

We have received confirmation from a reliable source that a Cash Money alliance recently bought out Tha Carter IV to exceed record sales. Mysteriously enough, it was as though the quantity bought was insufficient. The source of course choose to remain anonymous with fear of conflict to evolve. Well now, this leaves us to believe that Cash Money may very well have bought out the Carter IV with the intent to out sell Jay-Z & Kanye West’s recent... Read More

Carter IV Projected to Sell 900K

Weezy has his sights set on 1m as his Cash Money/Universal Republic Tha Carter IVshows no signs of slowing down. There are many variables this week as VMA performers are seeing huge increases, the East Coast cleans up after Hurricane Irene, a Monday release date and the approaching Labor Day weekend, which could swing the numbers in any direction. The industry insiders at have their projections in and they are even higher. After... Read More

Jim Jones tweets about Lil Wanye Leopard pants

I won’t say Jim Jones is defending Jay-Z but sure is jumping in the cross fire in their beaf! Lil Wayne took the stage to close out MTV’s Video Music Awards and performed his tracks “How To Love” and “John” in a pair of  tight leopard print pants. So are tight ass shirts expemt? (Jim Jones) The pants obviously distracted from the Young Money head’s performance, so much so that a Twitter for them has been... Read More

Steve Stoute claims Jay-z would not reposnd to Weezy’s INFANTILE come back

Advertising wizard, author and former record exec Steve Stoute has been behind the scenes in support of some of music industry top selling albums, and has established a rapport with some of the top names in the game as a result. Never too far removed as an insider on the rap scene, Stoute was interviewed recently and offered some commentary regarding the ongoing and currently brewing feud between rap giants Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Steve Stoute has... Read More

Jadakiss has no part of it & Lil Wayne is not expect Jay to respond

The internet  have been buzzing about Lil Wayne has responded to Jay-Z’s “subliminal” jab at Birdman on “H.A.M.” The song, “It’s Good” releasing  from Wayne’s upcoming Tha Carter IV, features Jadakiss and Drake, leaving fans wondering whether the other two emcees are also involved in the beef. He’s apparently pretty confident about the whole thing and doesn’t expect any kind of... Read More

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