Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscioius In Hotel Room

Terry Richardson photo of Lindsay Lohan holding gun recalls earlier ‘shot’ from photog Tyler Shields More troubles for Lindsay as she is rushed for medical attention — we hope she’s able to recover. Paramedics were called to assist Lindsay Lohan after she was found unconscious in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif. on June 15.   Lindsay, 25, was found unconcious and recived treatment, TMZ reports. Sources close to the... Read More

[PIX] Lindsay Lohan Playboy feature

Sooooo, Lindsay Lohan career over? We all know when most celebs take their clothes off for Playboy their career is going down hill. Well Lindsay gets out of prison and straight to Playboy, What ya think? Lindsay Lohan will bare more than her body in Playboy.Reps for the magazine and the troubled actress, 25, who served a four-hour jail sentence over the weekend, officially confirmed Monday that she’ll be featured in both pictures and words... Read More

Half of Mobb Deep, Prodigy on NBC New York

  Prodigy, half of platinum hip-hop group Mobb Deep, says spending time behind bars was a true “wake up call.” Just out of prison on March 7, Prodigy was interviewed Wednesday night in Dumbo by noted cultural critic Touré for a crowd of appreciative fans. Prodigy’s book, “My Infamous Life,” mostly penned while he was behind bars, was the main topic of conversation. Touré and Prodigy spoke for some time on the more... Read More

Lindsay Lohan’s Felony Reduced To Misdemeanor, Sentenced To 4 months jail

  Lindsay violated her probation and must serve 480 hours at a women’s center and LA county morgue and she’s been taken into custody! Bail set at $75,000. Lindsay Lohan received a reduced sentence but she’s not off scot-free! JudgeStephanie Sautner granted Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley‘s wish to plea her felony grand theft case down to a misdemeanor. It will not be dismissed, and Lindsay cried at court because she can get a year... Read More

Rehab Worker Drops Complaint Against Lindsay Lohan

Well, that whole bizarre story didn’t last long.  Dawn Holland, the rehab worker who had filed assault charges against Lindsay Lohan, is dropping them.  Her lawyer, Keith Davidson, says no further action will be taken because “a crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan.  Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution,” Davidson says.  The police... Read More

[VIDEO] Paris Hilton’s naked bath footage is most watched showbiz video

  Footage showing a naked Paris Hilton taking a bath has become the most watched showbiz video, with nearly 800,000 people viewing it this year alone. The video, which was unintentional, has become the most watched clip for the second consecutive year after it surfaced in 2007, the Sun reported. The second place was taken by a video of actress Lindsay Lohan doing a topless turn in the Machete trailer, and actress Gemma Atkinson’s flesh-flashing... Read More

WTF!!! LINDSAY LOHAN IS RELEASE FROM JAIL Actress Lindsay Lohan has been released from jail early after serving only 13 days of a 90-day sentence for violating her probation on a 2007 drunk-driving charge. Is this a racial issue or what!!? Lindsay gets caught drink and driving and do 13 days out of 90, while Wezzy get caught with a gun on his tour bus, and wait let me remind you that the gun wasn’t ON HIM it was just on THE TOUR BUS!!! someone... Read More