AFfraternity At Arizona State University Has Been Suspended After A “Black Party” They Held On MLK Day

TEMPE, Ariz. -Several leaders gathered Tuesday afternoon calling for Arizona State University to take some action. “It’s very hurtful to see your culture.. a human being raised being depicted as non-human.” “This is disrespectful and I can tell you it’s not okay and that’s not acceptable.” A strong response to members of an Arizona State University fraternity — in hot water for throwing a party that... Read More

Young Jeezy speaks about Occupy Wall Street

“I would riot,” said Jeezy in an interview with, “because we gotta get the money out of Washington. This is real. When you got middle class people taking a stance—because we always took a stance by the way, we always stood in the middle of our projects, our ghetto, and took our stance and our stance was hustling, robbing, what have you, to survive. So now they don’t have those same options, so they gotta go march.” Jeezy... Read More


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