Rapper Flo-Rida hotel raded, drugs and gun found

Flo Rida’s tour of Australia took a turn for the worst last night (October 23), when the rapper’s personal assistant’s was arrested after a raid of the rapper’s hotel suite. According to reports, police received a tip off that a strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the Flo Rida’s hotel suite. Police in the city raided the suite and discovered 16 grams of marijuana, a rolled joint, three grinders, scales, Viagra, a bottle of liquid... Read More

Australian dad Ramazan Acar kills daughter after Facebook posting

(CBS) – Australian father Ramazan Acar wrote on his Facebook profile that he was “bout todestroy ma kid” just moments before st@bbing his 2-year-old daughter Yazmina to [rip], according to reports. According to Agence France-Presse, the 24-year-old man pleaded guilty in 2010 in a Melbourne court for destroying his daughter last November as “pay [back]” against the girl’s mother, Rachelle D’Argent. Court documents... Read More