Gucci Mane Unable To Be Bailed Out Of Jail

After yesterday reports claiming Gucci Mane was bailed from jail for an assault case hit the Internet, new details reveal the Southern rapper was merely transferred to a new location. The rapper’s attorney has come forward to provide an update on his client’s status. Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has entered a not guilty plea in a Georgia court and has been transferred to another jail to face charges of violating his probation. Gucci, aka... Read More

[Breaking News] Gucci Mane Went To College "Lawson State"

SMH he has some college education and he is that dumb? Dude cant even put two sentences together while speaking… This is just like plies, dude is a college graduate and he acts ignorant as fuk… Is the ignorance just for show? Clearly you have to be some what educated to get your GED/HS Diploma rite? Rite? So why do these niccas act like coons. Shout out to waka… “education big though bra, ima go back to skoo to major in... Read More

[PICTURE] Gucci Mane is Official INSANE in our book!!

SO ICEY! Gucci Mane hopped up out of rehab/mental facility a couple days ago. And he may need to demand a refund. Dude visited Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta today. And got this brand new little nugget of classiness–a big ass ice cream cone complete with color, 3 scoops and the word “Brrr”–covering his whole right facial cheek. Read on for more pics of the foolery…. Wow. Tattoo artist and owner of the shop,... Read More

What's going on!? DMX Moved To Mental-Health Unit At Arizona State Prison Complex

Rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, is housed in a mental-health unit at an Arizona State Prison Complex facility called Alhambra near 25th street and Van Buren. DMX was sentenced to a year in jail (minus 113 days served) on December 16, after he pleaded guilty to violating the terms of his probation. At his sentencing, Judge Christine Mulleneaux told him she believes he has “an undiagnosed mental condition,” possibly bi-polar... Read More

[VIDEO] HIP HOP IS OFFICIAL DEAD!!!!Eli Porter Taking Shots At 50Tyson! C'MON SON!!!

[youtube=] RAPPERS WIT AUTISM….BEEFING…. C’MON SON!!!!  Read More