Spies of Mississippi

Spies of Mississippi is a journey into the world of informants, infiltrators, and agent provocateurs in the heart of Dixie. The film tells the story of a secret spy agency formed by the state of Mississippi to preserve segregation and maintain “the Mississippi way of life,” white supremacy, during the 1950s and ‘60s. The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission (MSSC) evolved from a predominantly public relations agency to a full-fledged spy... Read More

[GET WIT IT ALLSTARS] Get Wit It Mag introduces Actress Dailyn Santana

Fresh young comedian actress, Dailyn Santana is a little more than just your average. Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ , Dailyn is a warm spirited overall happy individual. With the passion for acting, she dedicated most all of her time into the business and found herself excessively overworked. She soon found balance with her career as well as her family with their support. Soon after, Dailyn was in a film called “Payin the Price”,... Read More

Woman sues P. Diddy for $900-billion

We’d like to introduce this news item with a bit of tongue-in-cheekery, but nothing we’d say could possibly compete with the straight facts, so here you go: A U.S. woman named Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks is suing hip-hop mogul P. Diddy for US$900-billion because he, among other things, knocked down the World Trade Centre. No joke. In the lawsuit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior court, Turks accuses Diddy (alongside his ex-girlfriend Kim... Read More