Wiz Drugs charge dropped

District Attorney Clark Everett determined that the amount of marijuana seized on the bus did not exceed the 10-pound threshold for a trafficking charge.The actual amount seized was about 58 grams, or slightly more than two ounces. All charges against the rapper and six others with him were dismissed when three of the men admitted the marijuana was theirs and pleaded guilty during an Aug. 11 hearing to misdemeanor possession. Each of the three paid... Read More

Women Raised kidnapped kid

BRIDGEPORT — The former Bridgeport woman who raised a long-ago kidnapped girl here has fled her North Carolina home with federal investigators in pursuit. Ann Pettway is being sought for questioning about her possible involvement in the 1987 kidnapping of Carlina White, who, as a feverish 3-week-old, disappeared from Harlem Hospital and re-emerged in Bridgeport with the name Nejdra Nance. Pettway, who is likely 45 to 50 years old, reportedly... Read More

[VIDEO] Wiz Khalifa Getting Arrested After Greensville, North Carolina Show

According to several reports, Wiz Khalifa was arrested tonight following his performance at East Carolina University in Greensville, North Carolina. Allegedly, he was busted for possession of an illegal substance. It’s been rumored that Wiz Khalifa spends $10,000 in Marijuana a month and has his own line of rolling papers. More details as they come. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUyW2LCXh7Q&feature=player_embedded]  Read More

J. Cole Says Expect His First Album No Later Than December [Video]

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGJKaJHy7mo&feature=player_embedded]  Read More

TRAGIC ENDING FOR NORTH CAROLINA’S PRECIOUS SHANIYA     The body of missing 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis was recovered Monday afternoon, Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine said. The child was first reported missing from her home by her mother last Tuesday morning. On Friday, Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, was charged with first-degree kidnapping, and late Saturday, her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was arrested on accusations... Read More

MOTHER FACE CHARGES FOR DAUGHTER DISAPPEARANCE   The mother of a missing North Carolina girl has been charged with human trafficking and other offenses, authorities said Saturday night. Other charges against Antoinette Nicole Davis include felony child abuse, prostitution and filing a false police report, according to the Fayetteville Police Department. No more details were released on the arrest. The whereabouts of her daughter, 5-year-old Shaniya... Read More