JAY-Z & SWIZZ DENY SATANIC RUMORS ABOUT “ON TO THE NEXT ONE ” VIDEO  Rap star and mogul Jay-Z has addressed growing speculation and rumors that he is secretly involved with a cult, or a high ranking member of the “Illuminati.” The rapper appeared on Angie Martinez’ Hot 97 show today (January 12) to promote his latest tour, during an showing that included rapper Young Jeezy and R&B singer Trey Songz. Conspiracy theorists... Read More

IS JAY-Z PLAYING WITH YOUR MIND OR HE’S EXPOSING HIMSELF IN HIS NEW VIDEO 2009 has been pretty huge for Jay-Z: he turned 40, he went independent, his protégé Rihanna and collaborator Kanye had their own rise in fame(scandals included). And last but not least, he also made what was supposed to be a comeback album, The Blueprint 3. Despite some criticism, Jay’s latest has taken over the airwaves, with the popular song being “Empire State... Read More

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY-Z Looks like the birthday boy’s got a new set of keys. Feast your eyes on the 2011 Jaguar XJ. Last night during the automaker’s showcase in LA, managing director Mike O’Driscoll, revealed the car will also appear in Hov’s new video, “On To The Next One”. You heard her it first hear!!!- GET WIT IT “YOU’RE EITHER WIT IT OR NOT”  Read More