Shaq secks tape

  Shaquille O’Neal indirectly won an enormous victory today … after a judge threw out a case against 7 gang members who were accused of kidnapping a man in order to retrieve a secks tape of Shaq. Robert Ross — the alleged victim — claimed he had a secks tape showing Shaq with multiple women at different times while he was still married to Shaunie O’Neal. Ross claimed 7 gang members kidnapped him at the direction... Read More

Doomsday for Michael Jackson's Doctor

LOS ANGELES – A judge has dealt the doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death two setbacks, bringing him a step closer to a trial that could end with him being sent to prison and also taking away his livelihood. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor on Tuesday told Dr. Conrad Murray that after listening to six days of testimony at a preliminary hearing, he thought there was enough evidence to support a possible finding of guilt... Read More