Alexis Simpson lawyer say his client attack out of self defense

Attorney Michael Worthy says his client Alexis Simpson was alone in that room against multiple people during the incident that claimed the life of  Dominique Frazier. Frazier was stabbed to death Thursday night inside her on-campus dorm, police said. Her roommate, Simpson, is accused of attacking her after the two argued over music played from an iPod. In court Monday an uncle, George Simpson, called the incident a “hiccup” in the life... Read More

Bowie State University student stabbed over iPod

In the midst of  Homecoming and the beginning of her birthday celebration, Bowie State University student  Dominique Frazier was stabbed Thursday night. The stabbing occurred in the late evening, during which time Dominique and some peers were prepping for a comedy show, this would be the beginning to her September 18th birthday celebrations. With her I-POD playing aloud, room mate Alexis Simpson, turned the music off, resulting in some confrontation. Witnesses... Read More