California man offered Soulja boy 25k to retire rapping

Kyle Burgens, from Glendale California described as a financial adviser for an investment firm in Los Angeles says rapper Soulja Boy is a detriment to the community and has single-handedly set hip hop back 20 years. He is pledging $25,000 for the Atlanta rapper to stay away from the booth for good. Spotted by, the rapper sounds like he comtemplating leaving the game for good. At least, he felt that way at the moment. Here’s a few... Read More

Rumors are Remy Ma will be release this year

We heard an explosive rumor straight from New York rapper Papoose last night. He told us that Remy Ma may be released from prison this year!!!! Hooray! Remy Ma was at the height of her rap career and signed to Terror Squad when she was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2008 for accidentally shooting one of her homegirls TWICE after the “friend” stole money out of her purse. Papoose and Remy got married in prison in 2008 and are still together! Papoose... Read More

Local Rapper Young Vito involved WIT Slim Dunkin murder case

Atlanta police have reportedly ID’d local rapper Young Vito as a suspect in the murder, reports local news station WSBTV. “We want to let the public know that the individual that we believe is responsible in the death of Slim Dunkin, Mr. Mario Hamilton, is in fact Vinson Hardimon, known in rap circles and the recording industry as Young Vito,” said Detective David Quinn. Quinn said should seek out police for questioning. Slim Dunkin... Read More

Drake mention how Kanye & Andre 3000 change the rap game

The ‘Make Me Proud’ rapper says Kanye West paved the way for a different type of rap artist.Drake has credited both Kanye West and Outkast’s Andre 3000 with helping the rap industry shake off its thuggish image. The ‘Miss Me’ rapper says two made it possible for artists like himself to release material that didn’t fit in with the stereotypical image of rap music. “I think Kanye deserves a lot of credit and... Read More

Rapper Flo-Rida hotel raded, drugs and gun found

Flo Rida’s tour of Australia took a turn for the worst last night (October 23), when the rapper’s personal assistant’s was arrested after a raid of the rapper’s hotel suite. According to reports, police received a tip off that a strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the Flo Rida’s hotel suite. Police in the city raided the suite and discovered 16 grams of marijuana, a rolled joint, three grinders, scales, Viagra, a bottle of liquid... Read More

Rick Ross threaten Kreayshawn “Dirty B*tch, I’ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

Rick Ross Has Harsh Words For Kreayshawn After a brief run-in at the MTV Video Music Awards, Rick Ross is still steaming over a couple of disses from neophyte female rapper Kreayshawn. In an upcoming cover story with XXL magazine, Ross has some harsh works for the Oakland emcee, even threatening her and her entourage with physical harm. “I cant wait to slap the sh*t out of whoever carries her bags,” says Ross. “And I hope it’s her... Read More

Soulja Boy is the all new American Dixie Chicks

Soulja Boy’s Army-bashing situation is approaching DEFCON 1.   The U.S. military announced that it will boycott the rapper’s upcoming album if it contains the controversial song “Let’s Be Real,” TMZ is reporting. “F–k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what?” Soulja Boy raps in the song, which he first posted online last week. Almost immediately after, the armed forces reacted strongly... Read More

Man accused Lil Boosie of paying him $15,000 to kill a fellow rapper

Once again Lil Boosie, who was most recently indicted on charges he attempted to smuggle codeine syrup into a Lousiana state prison. Now the 28-year-old ‘Incarcerated’ creator is being accused of paying a man $15,000 to kill a fellow rapper. The Advocate reports Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding, 18, gave videotaped statements to police detailing information that Lil Boosie wanted rapper Chris “Nussie” Jackson, now deceased,... Read More

50 cent being sued for the “I Get Money” record

An upcoming rapper out of Atlanta named Young Caliber, filed the copyright infringement lawsuit this morning against 50 Cent, alleging that Fiddy had no claim to his “I Get Money” track as he purchased it from producer Apex before he recorded.  There will be some major consequences  for both Fiddy and the proudcer as well as Interscope Records and its subsidiares. Young’s lawyer released a statement this morning stating “The... Read More

Lupe Fiasco Says He Flirted With [rip] While Making 'Lasers'

In a new, wide-ranging interview, rapper Lupe Fiasco dug deeper than usual when revealing his inspirations and journey to complete his much-anticipated record ‘Lasers.’ Speaking to Details, Fiasco said that he fell into a deep depression after initially submitting his album to Atlantic Records two and a half years ago and getting rejected for not knowing “how to do what Kanye does.” He dealt with that sadness on a track... Read More

Juelz Santana Arrested then Released, Calls Angie Martinez on Hot 97

In an update to a previous story, rapper Juelz Santana spoke about his recent arrest and release to Angie Martinez of Hot 97. The rap star mentioned he was arrested on firearm possession and distribution of marijuana charges but plans to fight all of that.  Juelz had plenty more to say on the call, as well. According to the audio clip from Grinding 101, Juelz spoke with Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez about the situation and his thoughts on it all.... Read More

UK rapper Tinie Tempah speaks about touring with Rihanna, his take on Nicki Minaj's English accent

Tinie Tempah is the dope UK rapper who’s beginning to take the U.S. by storm. GlobalGrind caught up with the busy rapper to discuss UK vs. U.S. hip-hop, touring with Rihanna, his take on Nicki Minaj’s English accent, and his amazing music. Global Grind: You’ve just been nominated for four BRIT Awards, how does it feel? Tinie Tempah: I’m a little bit speechless. I always kind of hoped for a nomination or maybe two at a push, but to... Read More

Victim's Step-Brother Calls G-Dep An 'Idiot' For Surrendering To Police

The step-brother of a man destroyed 17-years-ago by G-Dep has labeled the rapper an “idiot” for inadvertently turning himself in for the homicide. G-Dep confessed to shooting 32-year-old John Henkel three times in the chest,destroying him on October 19, 1993 during a botched robbery attempt. On December 15th, G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, went to police in Manhattan and admitted to the shooting, although he did not know Henkel had died... Read More

Jay Electronica Pwned/Ethers A CEO (CEO L of the YEAR!)

[youtube=]   i highly doubt this dude has the same deal Jcole or anybody else on rocnation has,this dude puts music out whenever he wants and didnt even care that everybody wanted to sign him during the exhibit c buzz and he dont even care about him being 34yrs old.what makes you think…..since hes on rocnation he gon change his self or music,sell his soul…etc….this... Read More

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